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Charcoal has taken its place from BBQ to the SKINCARE regimen. Though many countries (like Japan) have been used charcoal for skincare for years. And just charcoal can do alone many good things for skin. Below, I have shown you a list of the 10 best charcoal face scrubs that will detoxify, clarify, and exfoliate your skin.

Charcoal face scrub flushes away dirt, excess oils, pollutants, dust, smoke, chemicals, or impurities from the depth of the skin. Activated black charcoal takes out dirt like a magnet. You are lucky if you have shiny, acne-prone skin because charcoal scrub works better for oily and combination skin.

But, don’t worry if you have dry or sensitive skin. Just read the label to be ensured about some moisturizing, soothing, or gentle ingredients like vitamin E, chamomile, hyaluronic acid, natural oils, etc.

How charcoal scrub benefits your skin

If you use charcoal face scrub regularly, you will notice no acne, shines, blackheads, whiteheads, dark spots, tan, and blemishes. Exfoliation with charcoal opens up pores, takes out dirt deep down to the pores, and cleanses the skin completely. It kills acne-causing bacteria and prevents future breakouts also.

Our skin gets loaded with toxins from cosmetics and environmental pollutants. So, we often need to detoxify our skin. Using a good quality of charcoal face scrub will detoxify the skin and give you a refresher, lightweight look. Products infused with activated natural charcoal also work for various skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and rosacea.

The molecules of charcoal attract poisons, chemicals, heavy metals, and dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and wash them away. As a result, you will get more toned, smoother, healthier, evener, and suppler skin.

Read on, hope, you will be able to pick up the right charcoal scrub for you from this list.

1. Visage Envy Charcoal Warming Cleanser

Best anti-aging scrub

Visage Envy Charcoal Warming Cleanser

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This scrub has no oils and paraben, made with pure caffeine and activated charcoal. Charcoal and caffeine combinedly exfoliate, cleanse, detoxify, and invigorate the skin. Caffeine has a great skin firming and toning capacity for aged-looking skin.

The scrub opens up pores and takes out dirt, impurities, excess sebum, and pollutants from the depth. It also contains Detoxophane that protects the skin from environmental damages.

Why I liked: Aquacacteen sourced from the organic cactus helps hydrate dry patches, soothe redness, and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. This charcoal face scrub is formulated with Visage’s own CaD technology to keep you free from all blemishes, spots, and dullness.

2. White Naturals Charcoal Scrub

Best for cellulites

White Naturals Charcoal Scrub

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This premium scrub is suitable for the face and body. It contains natural charcoal and Dead Sea salt to cleanse impurities and unnecessary shines of the skin. Dead Sea salt is an excellent exfoliant to remove dull cells, bumps, and uneven tones.

Why I liked: The scrub is rich in stem cells and collagen that combinedly boost up an anti-aging benefit by naturally increasing the collagen level of the skin.

Its organic black charcoal draws out unwanted bacteria, pollutions, dirt, and toxins from the deeper of the pores to detoxify the skin. It also minimizes pores, restores dull skin, and balances the pH of the skin.

This face scrub gently exfoliates dead skin cells and helps diminish scars, dark spots, suntan, cellulite, blackheads, crepey skin, and acne.

3. Garnier Clean+ Blackhead Eliminating Scrub

Best for oily skin

Garnier Clean+ Blackhead Eliminating Scrub

| buy from amazon.com

This charcoal scrub is effective for oily, combination, and acne-prone skin. No artificial oils were added. It is formulated with organic salicylic acid and activated charcoal.

Why I liked: Its charcoal unclogs pores and cleanses dirt, oils, makeup residues, pollutants, and impurities and gives clean-looking toned skin. Salicylic acid is a bigger fighter for oily, acne-prone skin. The acid dries out excess oils and treats acne along with eliminating blackheads, whiteheads, and scars.

The scrub evens out tones by layering up the upper buildups. It also nourishes your skin after exfoliating.

4. Bioré Charcoal Acne Clearing Cleanser

A Japanese skincare brand

Bioré Charcoal Acne Clearing Cleanser

| buy from amazon.com

Why I liked: It is a daily usable oil-free skin exfoliating and brightening charcoal cleanser for men and women who are fighting oily, acne-prone skin. This scrub is dermatologist-tested, contains salicylic acid, and clears the skin just within two days according the brand.

Salicylic acid treats acne, pimples, zits, and buildups while also prevents the appearance of new blemishes. This scrub penetrates deeper of the pores and draws out dirt & oils without over drying the skin.

As it doesn’t dry or irritate the skin, so suitable also for dry or sensitive skin.

5. M3 Naturals Charcoal Scrub 100% Natural

Best blackhead remover

M3 Naturals Charcoal Scrub 100% Natural

| buy from amazon.com

Why I liked: It is an anti-wrinkle skin exfoliating scrub both for face and body. The scrub is enriched with stem cells and collagen to reduce aging spots, firm loose skin, increase elasticity, and heals saggy skin. And you will get more youthful-looking skin.

If you have bumpy skin or cellulites, then you are fortunate because this charcoal scrub also reduce cellulite and rough tones.

Besides, minimizing pores, treating acne, removing blackheads, and lightening scars can be possible as this scrub is rich in Dead Sea salt along with activated charcoal. Dead Sea salt exfoliates, detoxifies, and rejuvenates tired-looking skin by taking out dirt, oils, and pollutants.

This scrub will also help whiten dark spots, melasma, freckles, sunspots, pigments, scars, and hyperpigmentation.

6. O Naturals Dead Sea Salt Scrub Charcoal

Best nourishing scrub

O Naturals Dead Sea Salt Scrub Charcoal

| buy from amazon.com

This is the only charcoal face scrub of this list that contains skin moisturizing ingredients —sweet almond oils, peppermint, and jojoba oils. These oils will keep your skin soft and hydrated all day long but no greasy feeling.

Why I liked: The scrub can be used for the acne of the body, back, chest, butt, legs, or shoulder. It unclogs pores, cleanses, and exfoliates dirt, excess oils, makeup, chemicals, and impurities. Male and female can use this charcoal scrub for face, skin, and body.

Dead Sea salt and charcoal attract heavy dirt and flush away them to make the skin healthy and detoxified. Dead Sea salt gets rid of dead skin cells that generally help clog pores and lead your skin to acne, blackheads, or pimples.

7. AcneFree Blackhead Removing Scrub

Best scrub for all members

AcneFree Blackhead Removing Scrub

| buy from amazon.com

Why I liked: A gentle charcoal scrub for unisex, teens, and adults who have oily skin, acne, or combination features. It is infused with jojoba oil, activated charcoal, and 2% salicylic acid. Jojoba is one of the oils that can dissolve excess shines to balance the skin perfectly that a great benefit for them having combination skin type.

The brand says it is daily usable non-irritating face scrub for dry or oily skin. It removes debris & blackheads and tightens pores. The scrub exfoliates oils, dirt, chemicals, dust, smoke, city grimes, and pollutants from the depth of the pores.

After cleansing, you will just wow your newer look as this scrub evens out rough tones, firms elasticity, and nourishes your skin.

8. MANDOM Facial Scrub Charcoal

Overall good

MANDOM Facial Scrub Charcoal

| buy from amazon.com

This is another charcoal scrub that can be also used both for the face and body. It is infused with natural and safe ingredients that are gentle, non-comedogenic, and non-irritating to all skin types.

Why I liked: Use it to cleanse and exfoliate your entire face. But, it works great for the T-zone area. It will completely remove your oily skin, pimple marks, blackheads, larger pores, zits, and blemishes.

This scrub unclogs pores, cleanses dirt, oils, and pollutants, and refreshes the skin while moisturizing it also.

9. Brooklyn Botany Charcoal Scrub

Editorial pick

Brooklyn Botany Charcoal Scrub

| buy from amazon.com

This scrub helps reduce cellulite, remove blackheads, eliminate wrinkles, and minimize pores. It deeply exfoliates and cleanses the surface of the skin so that you can’t trace any impurities and feel a very clean, light skin all day long.

Why I liked: Don’t think about dirt, oils, or environmental pollutants —move as you like, just return and scrub your skin and enjoy mindful complexion.

You will find original Dead Sea salt that rejuvenates and detoxifies the skin. The nutrients and minerals of the Dead Sea mud make the skin healthy and supple.

This scrub also eliminates body odor, whitens hyperpigmentation, removes scars, and smooths out textures.

10. CHIC REPUBLIC Detox All Natural Detoxifying Body Scrub

Antioxidant-rich scrub

CHIC REPUBLIC Detox All Natural Detoxifying Body Scrub

| buy from amazon.com

Why I liked: This scrub is a perfect one to detoxify your whole body when you feel a heavy buildup. Its pure black charcoal and nourishing ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and grape seed oil help you achieve your dreamy skin.

Use this scrub for face, back, butt, chest, thigh, and body to firm, tone up, and even out the skin. It is an organic anti-aging sugar-based scrub that works for acne, scars, cellulite, oily skin, blackheads, dark spots, and skin discoloration.

Natural oils in it soften the skin whereas charcoal draws out dirt and removes all flaky cells leaving you a clean smooth look.


Have you ever used any charcoal face scrub? If not, then buy a one from this list and use it to get fresh, clean, glowing, and blemish-free skin.

Don’t use a charcoal scrub more than twice a week. Charcoal may dry out your skin if you have already dry-prone skin. Or if you feel tighter skin, then apply some moisturizer. And choose a gentle formula if you have sensitive skin.

Yet, if you feel any problems, consult your dermatologist.

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