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Every girl desires soft, supple, and pink lips. But, sometimes their lips become dark or black due to sunburn, dark spots, smoking, allergen reactions, lack of care, deposition of dead skin cells, prolonged use of lipstick, tea/coffee stain, using expired lipstick, or lip balm, etc.

Again, your lips may be dark naturally or genetically. If your skin is dark, your lips are also dark. In some regions like South Asia, North India, Afro-America, Africa, SriLanka, and some other areas, people generally have darker skin.

In these two cases, Latisha Dark Lips Lightening Cream will give you natural pinkish lips in a few of days.

What is Latisha dark lips lightening cream?

Latisha Dark Lips Lightening Cream

Latisha Dark Lips Cream is the safest, fastest, and most effective lip lightening product that men, women, and adults can use to brighten up their dark lips.

Previously, its name was Dr. Joson dark lips cream, then it was named as Laetitia Dark Lips Cream. Now it is renamed as Latisha Dark Lips Lightening Cream. So, don’t be confused —finally, it is Latisha dark lips lightening cream.

There are lots of lip lightening creams in the market to whiten dark, brown, or black lips. But, most of those products just only make the lips soft, smooth, and supple. They can’t brighten dark lips permanently or solving the underlying problems.

But, Latisha Dark Lips Cream targets dark spots, pigments, wrinkles, tan, stain, nicotine marks, sunspots, and other discolorations on the lips and gradually removes them and reveals out brighter and more reddish lips that you had before.

Who can use this cream

Men, women, and adults who have dark lips can use Latisha Dark Lips Lightening Cream to brighten up their lips. This cream will eradicate cigarette stains, dark spots, black patches, and wrinkles from the lips and turn them pinkish. It is a Philippine-based product and very popular in Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, etc. Also, available in the USA, UK, and Canada. You can buy it online or if you live in Philippine, you may get it near your stores.

What actually Latisha dark lips cream can do

It brightens lip’s color

Latisha Lip Cream is made with some unique skin lightening agents. Alpha Arbutin, Niacinamide, and Aloe Barbadens. These ingredients will remove your dark lips from genetic or you acquired due to smoking, sunspots, etc.

It gets rid of dark spots from lips

Whether you have acquired dark lips due to smoking, sunburn, prolonged use of lipstick, or anything else, it will remove all kinds of dark spots, pigmentation, dead skin cells, and even out your lip tones.

It makes the lips pink

Latisha is basically a lip brightening cream. It will reveal out natural pink lips by removing dark spots, patches, tan, sunburn, and hyperpigmentation from the lips.

What ingredients does Latisha lip cream contain?

This product is rich in 3 major skin lightening, firming, and soothing ingredients like aloe vera, alpha arbutin, and niacinamide. It has no mercury, steroids, and hydroquinone.

Alpha arbutin lightens skin naturally by gradually releasing hydroquinone that basically inhibits the melanin production of the skin. Arbutin has two forms- Alpha arbutin and Beta arbutin that are used in the cosmetic industry [S].

Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3. A study published in 2004 in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science shows that niacinamide helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and brown spots.

Aloe barbadensis or aloe vera is used for all skin types. Aloe is anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties. It brightens skin, reduces spots, and removes wrinkles.

How long does this product take to lighten your dark lips?

Latisha Dark Lips Lightening Cream

It is not magic that you will get instant pinkish lips. It will take some days. Usually, the users noticed results within 2 weeks.

  • You will see the result after 6 months if your lips are almost dark or black.
  • You will see the result after 3 months if your lips are very dark.
  • You will see the result within 4 weeks if your lips are slightly dark.

How and when to use

Just apply it once a day. And it is better to use this cream before going to the bed. Leave some cream on the lips for the whole night. In the morning, wipe off the excess cream with a tissue. And notice smoother and brighter lips than the previous day.

How long does 1 tube last

Basically, it depends on your use (remember it is much costlier). If just a single user uses it once a day, a tube will run on for one month. You don’t need to use much. Just apply a little bit of cream and rub it evenly on the lips.

How much you have to pay

Latisha dark lips lightening cream is much costlier than any other skin whitening product. You have to pay

  • $47 for one tube
  • $67 for two tubes
  • And $97 for three tubes

Price is changeable.

Demerits you may experience

When you apply this cream, it may slightly tingle your lips. You may face swollen lips after the use of two weeks. Many users said that it did not soften and hydrate the lips. So, better to use a lip balm after cleansing the cream. Users said the tube is very small but the price is much higher. You may feel a bad taste in your mouth after using Laetitia Dark Lips Cream. You may also notice soreness on the corners of your lips or mouth.

User rating and review

Rikta said, “I smoke and had used Latisha dark lips lightening cream. I bought this before from another source and used it and now it is also available on Amazon. It took some weeks but my lips did lighten.”

Nargish Parmar said, “I bought this Latisha lip cream, but it is not effective, I feel that I was cheated by them. This product is not original. So, don’t buy this product from that website.”

One Shopee.ph customer said, “It is delivered on time and the seller is responsive from the beginning. Nice and effective product. Thank u… I think I will buy again in the future coz it is worth the price.”

Editor’s rating and opinion

I rated it 3.8 out of 5. BUT—

Feel proud of your real skin color. If your lips are dark genetically or naturally, nothing can lighten your lips permanently. But, if you have turned your lips dark due to smoking, sunburn, or anything else then you can use Latisha Dark Lips Lightening Cream or other products. And acquired dark lips can be also lightened with home remedies.

38 thoughts on “Latisha Dark Lips Lightening Cream

  1. Analyn Sy says:

    I used this product last year, so far I’m satisfied but I would just like to ask, is this permanent? Or do I have to use it again after a while?

    • Shafiqul Islam says:

      Hi Analyn,
      If you maintain some tips like sunscreen for lips, lip balm, home remedies, honey & lemon juice, avoiding smoking, etc. then your lips never turn dark again.

      But, if you don’t do these things, then you may need to use again this cream.

          • Nes says:

            Hi Shafiqul I understand your advocating for the scam company. Basically I was true loyal customer since the lip cream was named Laetita it worked wonders. Since lockdown they messed with my orders did not respond to any communication said product on its way, had to involve my bank to get refund while in process get the product named latisha it was so watery. I put it on my lip did nothing. In past product when I first used product lip tingled exfoliated my lip within two weeks my dark top pigmented lips lightened. They have become fraudster. I have only ordered from main site 4 tube was a waste of money during national lockdown. I even emailed the customer service a out the fake product as usual no one responded. I am very disappointed with whole incident as my upper lip is getting darker gradually and my self confidence is reducing as I don’t have a better replacement. If anyone knows any better product it’s not scam and tested please inform me I would be grateful.

    • sajeel asad says:

      hello shafiqul..my name is sajeel and i am living in pakistan karachi..i was searching to buy this product since very long ?but unfortunately i am unable to order this product because Amazon is not directly delivering this product to my country on the other hand PAYPAL services is not exsist in pakistan..could u please help me out pleaseeee

      • Shafiqul Islam says:

        Hi Sajeel,
        You can also buy it from darklipstreatment.com. This is the main website of this product. Please, look into this website whether they send it to your country.

        Thank you.

    • maimai says:

      hi shafiqul. I wonder regarding of the expiry date. Before this, i alrdy buy with someone. they have stamped the sticker on the box with new expiry date. is it true bcause of shortage of individual boxes. I opened the texture of cream turn color day by day. but still use it. is it normal? is it okayyy??

  2. alvin tay says:

    i bought the products from their official website and received the used and improper packaging products, even the content is less than half. Then i email, whatapps and even fb msg with my other account but get ignored and even get blocked. Such irresponsible company and my money get wasted. Any help to report or sue them? Please someone help!

    • Shafiqul Islam says:

      Hi Alvin,
      Are you sure you bought the product from this https://darklipstreatment.com/.

      Actually, we heard from lots of users that it took couple of weeks to reach the products, the cream is less than the price but this type of serious complaint we first heard.

      Please, try to contact them again. If they will not respond, then find out some users who likely faced this problem and they take some suggestions from him/her about what to do.

  3. Marc Alteza says:

    So Ive been using Latisha Cream for about 2 months now. Lips have become red but dry. Can I use lip balm? If so, which one do you recommend? Thanks.

  4. Pristine Jane says:

    There’s a little discomfort in using this cream but I’m starting to see a red tinge where there was just a dark spot. Hoping that it’s all worth the money and effort. Can you let me know, can I also use it on my gums? My gums are very dark. Thank you.

  5. Dee says:

    My colleague recently bought me two pack of latisha lip cream from Philippines. I have been using it for almost 3 weeks but I have not noticed any changes.
    My question is how is the lip cream texture meant to look like. Mine is quite runny and very thin on my lip.
    The package did not have any seal on it. It was just in usual package without any sealed film or anything on it. Do you know why?

  6. Dabloo pal says:

    Sir ye dvai khi nhi mil rhi Hii plz btaiye kha milegi aur online bhi nhi mil rhi Hi I plz sir bhut jaruri hii

  7. Nastya Amorita says:

    Is this cream only available online? I live in the UK. I bought this some years ago and I’m in need of this cream as my lips have started getting dark again (I’m a smoker).

  8. Andrea Wesley says:

    Hi, I ordered this product back in April from darklipscream.com. Due to the pandemic I was told I’d have it by the end of May. I still have not received it. I want to know how I can either get a refund or get the product sent to me!

    • Shafiqul Islam says:

      Hi Andrea,
      I surfed the website “darklipscream.com”. But, there is no any website like this. The main company website is – https://darklipstreatment.com/. Probably you ordered from this website. I think it was late because of the coronavirus pandemic. Contact with this website. I have not heard of this before like that. We just wrote about the product.

      Keep well

  9. Hyder says:

    I have had same issue I ordered two tubes in May 202 supposed to received in 3 to 4 weeks after but its been six weeks, I reordered again got email in process so I asked for my previous shipment they did not say if sent it all they said was will combine both and give you 3 tube. I emailed back saying total is four tubes and what happened to my previous order. There from no reply to my order so had no choice but to open up a dispute with PayPal. Due to Pandemic I think the company has been playing with people’s orders. I ordered from main site.

    • Shafiqul Islam says:

      Hi Hyder,
      I think it happens so for the Pandemic because I haven’t heard this thing before. Anyway, I can’t see anything but wait. Wishing you a rapid shipment!

  10. Hyder says:

    Thank you for your reply! But their customer service is very poor, even after raising it with PayPal they still have not got in touch if they posted or will post which is very sad. But are spending huge amount on the product least they can do is communicate and put people at ease.

  11. Suresh says:

    I have sent them numerous emails and whatsapp messages, they never reply. I do not know if they want to send me the product or they are just fooling around

    • Shafiqul Islam says:

      We never heard they did not send the product. but, often they do not reply properly. We think they will send the product but it may be late than the usual time. Don’t worry.

  12. Asha says:


    I ordered a Latisha cream on August.I still haven’t received my order yet. I tried to contact your customer service through Facebook and they messaged they will confirm the status within one day. Its been a week and I haven’t heard anything. Please share me an update immediately if the item is shipped or not. If not please reimburse the money paid. Thanks

  13. Arun Shantha Rathnayake says:

    I too bought 2 tubes from this site. after a long time I received it. but both they have stamped the sticker on the box with new expiry date. I think its expired. I applyed two weeks. It was bad. my lips wounded, irritated and very painful. blisters also appeared. my lips now so bad. black than before. dont sponser such porducts as well as good. I used before laetitia. it was worked well as described. But this is nusty…..

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