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Rose is a symbol of love and purity. It is the most romantic flower as a gift. Rosewater is made from raw rose petals. This fragrant water has been used for skin care since long ago. It is mainly used to cleanse, hydrate, and soothe the skin as a toner. Rosewater toner can do a miracle improvement for oily skin, acne, pimples, rashes, or sensitiveness.

It removes excess oils and dirt leftover even after cleansing the skin. When you regularly tone your skin with rose water, it minimizes clogged pores and prevents acne. Rosewater toner is less drying than alcohol or other chemical-based toners.

A celebrity cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank also says, “Rosewater is an anti-inflammatory and calming agent for sensitive skin, so great for people having redness, rosacea, or eczema.”

Rose water toner is an excellent item for oily or combination skin for its non-sticky mild hydrating natural astringent properties. Your oily skin also needs hydration just like dry skin in order to regulate excess oils and clogged pores that will save you from the appearance of acne, blackheads, whiteheads, acne scars, or dark spots.

In this buying guide article, I will show you the 10 best rose water toners for oily skin, combination skin, acne, or clogged pores. You can use these soothing toners on the face, neck, decollete, and under-eye areas to combat your future breakouts.

Benefits of rose water toner for oily skin

Rosewater is rich in anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties. It repairs damaged skin, reduces wrinkles, and works for various skin conditions like acne, pimples, eczema, psoriasis, redness, rosacea, inflammation, etc. Being antiseptic, rose water prevents infections from minor scrapes and cuts.

Rose water instantly smooths, hydrates, and refreshes the skin. People of all ages with every skin type can use it to get dewy glowing skin. The habit of using rose water spray can keep you free from sun spots, tan, dark spots, premature aging, scars, blackheads, and blemishes. Rosewater is also effective for those who own dry or sensitive skin as it calms down parched or burnt skin immediately.

Rose water is mainly used as a toner, makeup setting spray, makeup remover, hair conditioner, and body sprayer. Just spray and get a fresh natural scent all-day walkout. From just a single rose water bottle, you will get lots of benefits. So, keep one close to your hands. But, all of those benefits you only will get if you pick 100% pure rose water. I hope, these organic rose water toners for oily skin will help you manage your combination skin, acne-prone skin, and blemishes.

The best rose water toner for oily skin, acne, and blemishes

1. Eve Hansen Organic Pure Natural Rose Water

$14.98 (time of publishing)

Eve Hansen Organic Pure Natural Rose Water

| buy from amazon.com

We picked it as the best rose water toner for oily skin because you can spray it on your face, neck, and eye area as a soothing mist. It will reduce redness, puffiness, and dark circles while reduces excess oils. This spray is made with pure Moroccan rose water and it can be used for makeup setting and facial toning. It revitalizes the skin, reduces pores, removes makeup, and works as an anti-inflammatory agent to dissolve excess oils and prevent future acne formation. Eve Hansen rose water toner hydrates and calms dry, irritating, and sensitive skin. Also, ideal for flaking, eczema, rosacea, sunburn, scars, puffiness, etc.

2. InstaNatural Organic Rose Water

$13.97 (time of publishing)

InstaNatural Organic Rose Water

| buy from amazon.com

This rose water toner for oily skin tightens & minimizes pores, kills acne-causing bacteria, and works as a makeup & primer setting spray also. It is an alcohol-free and natural anti-aging toner that helps cleanse, nourish, and tighten the skin. You can use this rose water spray for the face, neck, eye area, hair, and body. No artificial fragrance. Use InstaNatural rose water to remove makeup and foundation from your face and eye area. It gives you a glowing matte finish look by regulating excess sebum production. Also, a perfect moisturizer to be used daily for body, dry scalp, split ends, and frizzy hair.

3. Leven Rose 100% Pure & Organic Rose Water

$13.97 (time of publishing)

Leven Rose 100% Pure & Organic Rose Water

| buy from amazon.com

A hydrosol facial toner with pure Moroccan rosewater. A natural astringent to tone up face, neck, eye area, body, dry skin, oily skin, and décolletage. This brand’s rose water works nicely to lighten dark spots, pimple marks, and soothe sensitive skin. Leven Rose toner controls excess sebum production, opens up clogged pores, and minimizes them to keep your skin pimple-free. It soothes redness, itchiness, rashes, and inflammation with regular use. No additional fragrance, no alcohol, or no paraben is added. It cools your sunburned skin instantly and great for makeup setting also.

4. Alteya Organic Bulgarian Rose Water

$16.95 (time of publishing)

Alteya Organic Bulgarian Rose Water

| buy from amazon.com

This detoxifying, cleansing and therapeutic grade rose water facial toner for oily skin is actually usable for all skin types. It harmonizes your skin, rejuvenates dull cells, stimulates collagen, moisturizes chapped skin, and fights clogged pores & breakouts by cutting off excess oils. Ideal for makeup setting spray, cleansing, shaving, or sunburns. Bring a bottle during travel to keep your skin moisturized, restored, clean, toned, and acne-free. Its anti-aging formula helps reduce wrinkles, fine lines, laugh lines, and age spots. Alteya rose water toner hydrates dry patches, purifies dirty textures, and increases elasticity of your skin.

5. Teak Naturals 100% Pure & Organic Rose Water

$14.97 (time of publishing)

Teak Naturals 100% Pure & Organic Rose Water

| buy from amazon.com

A pure rosewater bottle to soothe and balance the skin. It works great for combination-oily skin, pimple marks, hand spots, acne, and irritated skin. Teak Naturals rose water toner soothes sunburnt skin, patchy redness, and extremely dry skin. You can use it as a body refreshing spray in summer to get a natural floral scent. Use it with a cotton ball on the face to get wrinkle-free skin. Being an antioxidant, you can also use it for hair cleansing.

6. Authentic By Nature 100% Organic Rose Water Facial Toner

$15.95 (time of publishing)

Authentic By Nature 100% Organic Rose Water Facial Toner

| buy from amazon.com

It comes from organic Moroccan rose water, very gentle on the face, neck, eye area, hands, and whole body to get hydrated, toned, and glowing skin with no acne, hyperpigmentation, and scars. This rose water toner for oily skin is rich in antibacterial properties that treat puffiness, redness, inflammation, and acne. Spray it to your acne-prone areas to give back life to your cracked, inflamed, dull, dry, and burnt skin. Its antiaging properties get rid of wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, dark circles, sagginess, and crow’s feet. Men, women, teens, and adults can use this organic rose water toner for getting glowing, soft, smooth, and acne-free skin.

7. Zia Botanicals Rose Water

$12.49 (time of publishing)


Zia Botanicals Rose Water

| buy from amazon.com

This hydrosol toner is infused with 100% pure Moroccan rose water to soothe, cleanse, and soften the skin. It balances and restores the pH of the skin, suitable for all skin types, tightens pores, works for acne, eczema, rosacea, and oily, dry, or sensitive skin. Everyone can use this rose water mist after shaving or cleansing to revive, tone, and detoxify the skin. Zia Botanicals Rose Water eradicates redness, irritation, rashes, darkness, excess oils, and blemishes. Use it any time on the face, neck, eye area, body, and décolleté.

8. Artizen Rose Water 100% Pure & Natural

$9.99 (time of publishing)

Artizen Rose Water 100% Pure & Natural

| buy from amazon.com

This rose water toner is ideal for all skin types and a perfect facial mist spray and hydrator for oily skin, acne, and combination skin. It can be used for the face, skin, eye area, and body to get naturally refreshed skin. Working women can use this rose water as a body spray for its awesome floral scent. This rosewater toner leaves your skin moisturized, soft, rejuvenated, and healthy. It restores and balances the pH of the skin and gets rid of age spots, dark spots, wrinkles, sun spots, acne scars, and suntan.

9. Sweet Essentials Rose Water 100% Pure Organic Moroccan

$9.99 (time of publishing)

Sweet Essentials Rose Water 100% Pure Organic Moroccan

| buy from amazon.com

This rose water toner contains vitamins A & C with no oils or alcohol. Use it on the face and neck to rejuvenate, revive, and hydrate the skin. It opens up clogged pores, balances shines, and tones dry skin with its natural astringent property. With regular use, you can keep acne and blackheads at bay. Sweet Essentials Rose Water also repairs broken capillaries, thread veins, stimulates circulation, and reduces fine lines. Even, suitable for dry, irritated, or sensitive skin.

10. Poppy Austin Rose Water 100% Pure & Organic

$19.49 (time of publishing)

Poppy Austin Rose Water 100% Pure & Organic

| buy from amazon.com

It is 100% natural rose water toner for women who want natural dewy skin without no trace of excess oils, dry patches, redness, or acne. Poppy Austin Rose Water is suitable for any skin type and rich in antioxidants that diminish age spots, dark circles, sagginess, and wrinkles. It instantly relieves tired-looking skin while hydrating and rejuvenating parched skin. This rose mist also unblocks tight larger pores and minimizes them, soothes inflammation around the eyes, calms dryness, absorbs excess oils, and balances the skin’s pH. Poppy Austin rose water toner also helps prevent premature aging with regular use.

When I use rose water

Anytime, you can spray rose water to get extra glowing and radiant skin. I generally use rose water toner at night after cleansing my face to dissolve oils, dirt, makeup, and impurities leftover even after using a face wash. Rose water toner not only is effective for oily, acne-prone skin, it is also good at reduction of age spots and dull skin.

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