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Phillipa Soo, an American actress says, “At night, I’ll do coconut oil or almond oil on my face as a mask to replenish my skin. I’ve found those are so simple but work better than any other product. Coconut oil is so good, but if you don’t want to smell like a cookie, sweet almond oil isn’t as pungent.”

Coconut oil rich in healthy fats that you can use for skin and cooking too. Coconut oil is all-in-one from moisturizing the skin to reducing wrinkles. It keeps the upper layer of the skin well-hydrated and prevents the skin from dryness. But, to get the real benefits from coconut oil, you will need to use 100% pure or extra virgin coconut oil.  Anyway, today I will show you some amazing benefits of coconut oil for the betterment of skin.

How coconut oil helps look your skin softer, tender, and glowier

1. Removes Makeup

Many cleansers are infused with artificial ingredients that may strip out the natural oils or cannot manage the excess oils of the skin. So, the skin may break down with dryness, acne, or clogged pores. Coconut oil is an excellent cleanser to remove dirt, excess oils, makeup, and even waterproof mascara while leaving the skin hydrated. You can use coconut oil to cleanse hard-proof lipstick too.

2. Heals Skin

Coconut oil works effectively to treat various skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, etc.

Joshua Zeichner, MD says, “Coconut oil is a safe natural remedy to try if you suffer from psoriasis, an autoimmune disease that causes skin cells to build up which lead to rough, red, scaly patches”.

A study found that eczema sufferers who used virgin coconut oil twice a day noticed fewer infections, abrasions, dryness, redness, and thickening of the skin for scratching.

Pure coconut oil is anti-fungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory. Thus, it helps to treat minor cuts, wounds, rashes, inflammation, or other small infections to the skin. Fungal infection is common to an athlete’s foot. Applying some coconut oil will soothe flaky skin and those infections.

Chapped and cracked skin is common in winter. Slather some coconut oil on your skin and get smooth healthy skin. Adding some coconut oils into your bathtub can release you from itchy, scaly, red, rough, and irritated skin.

3. Moisturizes Dry Skin

Coconut oil is rich in vitamin E, lauric acid, and other healthy fatty acids that leave the skin smooth, nourished, and soft. Ideal to use on the face, skin, body, hands, feet, lips, and scalp to prevent dry skin. Even coconut oil is a wonderful moisturizer before or after shaving. You don’t need any basic lotion. It makes the hair smooth to shave and reduces irritation, razor burn, and ingrown hair.

4. Reduces Wrinkles

Coconut oil contains antioxidants like vitamin A. It boosts collagen and elasticity of the skin. Coconut oil firms, tightens and evens out tones. It repairs sunburns and free radicals. All that gives you younger-looking skin with fewer fine lines. With regular use of coconut oil, you can hold down the premature age spots.

5. Soothes Chapped Lips

Coconut oil is used in lip scrubs because of its healing and moisturizing properties. Mix ½ teaspoon of coconut oil, ½ teaspoon of honey, and 1 teaspoon of brown sugar all together. Rub your lips politely with this scrub for 45 seconds. Then cleanse your lips off. It will remove all dead skin cells, dark spots, and wrinkles leaving the lips supple and soft.

6. Treats Dry Cuticles

Apply some coconut oil around your nails and into the cuticles. It will soften the cuticles, prevent brittle nails, and nourish the skin around the nails.

7. Brightens Dark Patches

Coconut oil can also lighten dark patches, suntan, and uneven tones. Adding lemon juice with coconut oil can enhance this process a little bit more.

8. Nourishes Dry Scalp

Apply some warm coconut oil to your dry hair before the bed leaving it covered up with a shower cap and in the morning just shampoo your hair. You will see healthy, silky, and thick locks with less frizz. Coconut oils also nourish dry scalp, get rid of dandruff, and prevent further flakes.

9. Cures Acne (controversial)

It is controversial whether coconut oil can heal acne or not. But, Dr. Zeichner says, “Coconut oil may be useful in treating acne-prone skin as it has high levels of skin-soothing linoleic acid—something that’s deficient in the skin of people with acne. It also contains lauric acid which is thought to be antimicrobial, so it may lower levels of acne-causing bacteria and reduce inflammation. Everyone is different. If you prefer a natural face oil, you can certainly try coconut oil but if it ends up breaking you out, you’ll know it’s too heavy for you.”

10. Helps for Skin Tanning

If you are tanning your skin at home, slather some coconut oil onto your skin and it will quicken your tanning process along with nourishing your skin and preventing it from dryness.

Note: Some people with oily or acne skin, may find coconut oil to be comedogenic or pore-clogging. If you are so, or it triggers your acne, blackheads, or whiteheads; stop using it.

Some coconut oil brands that you can rely on

Before I said to reap the whole benefits from coconut oils, you need to pick real coconut oils. I listed here some best-selling brands on Amazon:

Summing Up

Though coconut oil is heavy to penetrate easily into pores, it can moisturize the surface of the skin greatly and prevent the skin from drying, aging, darkening, and damaging. ITS SCENT IS AMAZING TO ME (MAYBE DIFFERENT TO YOU). This oil does not cause any irritation or allergic reactions. Yet, if you face any problems like pore-clogging or breakouts, then avoid using it. But, coconut oil is always better than most other moisturizers to nourish hands, legs, feet, or body. And no doubt, it is also an excellent oil for hair care.

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