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Winter means exploring lots of things surrounding with family, friends, and partners. It is more enjoyable in the drier cold air with a glass of warmer toddy in the hands beside the fireplace. But, this enjoyment can be uncomfortable when your skin (especially face, lips, or hands) becomes dry, blotchy, chapped, dehydrated, dull, or flaky. Even dead skin cells can grow on the face that are really unsightly.

But, men are lucky because their skin is thicker than women. Yet, they experience dry and dull skin in winter. To keep boy’s skin smooth and soft, there are not lots of creams or moisturizers in the market. But, here we tried to put together some best quality winter face creams for men that will really work against harsh weather of chilly days.

So, don’t worry, now you can carry on smooth, hydrated, and soft skin throughout the winter if you throw your summer products and pick some cold creams with anti-aging and moisturizing formula.

Actually, no suggestion will be useful for men as they are not careful about their skincare. Probably, just a few guys use cream, lotion, or other things. Even I saw many men who don’t use any aftershave or just use a Dove bar to lather up.

But, the harsh weather of winter damages all of our skin whether you are a man, woman, adult, teen, or a baby. Everybody needs protection to fight dry skin. Keep reading on, hello busier men —hope these cold creams will help you get glowing, nourished, youthful, and supple skin throughout the winter.

1. Jack Black Dry Erase Ultra-Calming Face Cream

Jack Black Dry Erase Ultra-Calming Face Cream

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This moisturizing cream for men contains botanical oils, aloe vera, jojoba oil, and vitamin C & E. Its calming emollients soothe irritation, dryness, and redness. This ProSeries cold cream is formulated with natural, PureScience technology that helps protect the skin from age spots and flakes. Hydromania and SymRelief formula gives sustainable hydration to men’s skin. For more nourishing skin, apply Jack Black Dry Erase Ultra-Calming Cream at day and night.

2. Lather & Wood Smooth Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer

Lather & Wood Smooth Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer

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PLUS point —it works both for dry-prone skin and wrinkles for men. The cream is blended with jojoba oil, shea butter, peptides, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E & B5, green tea, and other botanical antioxidants and moisturizers. Also, good for oily, acne skin as green tea helps prevent breakouts. Lather & Wood Smooth Anti-Aging Moisturizer hydrates, repairs, and fortifies dull, chapped, and rough cells for immediate recover and retains long-lasting moisture. Shea butter intensively hydrates dry patches, HA smooths out wrinkles, jojoba oil balances texture, and vitamins give firmer looking skin. Even you can use this cream after shaving to soften and calm the skin.

3. L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Hydra Energetic Daily Moisturizer

L'Oreal Paris Men Expert Hydra Energetic Daily Moisturizer

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This winter face cream for men contains both hydrating and brightening formulas that will flourish your dull skin while also lightens dark spots. It fights 5 signs of fatigued skin —dryness, tightness, roughness, dullness, and loss of firmness. Over 70% of men noticed more hydrated, more awakened, and more refreshed skin. This is a non-greasy formula but will keep your skin moisturized for 24 hours. L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Hydra Energetic Daily Moisturizer is rich in vitamin C  that also treats photo-aging, acne, free radicals, and fine lines.

4. Weleda Skin Moisturizing Cream for Men

Weleda Skin Moisturizing Cream for Men

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It is another Amazon user favorite cold cream for dudes who want to protect, moisturize, and soothe their skin in winter. An amazing fighter for dry, sensitive, and aged skin. Its jojoba and sesame seed oils are deep emollients that help the skin to be more elastic and softer. Marshmallow root extract calms and nourishes dry, stressed skin immediately after applying. Weleda Skin Moisture Cream is dermatologically tested, also ideal for all skin types, quickly absorbs, perfect for aftershave, and leaves your skin more comfortable.

5. NIVEA Men Creme for Face, Body, and Hands

NIVEA Men Creme for Face, Body, and Hands

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This moisturizing cream for men is crafted to fight chapped, flaky, dull, rough skin all over the body. It is packed with premium nourishing ingredients that give instant hydration and protection to the skin from drying or growing dead skin cells. NIVEA Men Creme is a multipurpose cold cream for men, apply anywhere you want like hands, legs, face, body, back, chest, neck, etc. For all skin-compatible, dermatologist-tested, absorbs quickly and non-sticky. This moisturizer is also good for sensitive and acne-prone skin as being lightweight and gentle.

6. Brickell Men’s Daily Essential Face Moisturizer

Brickell Men's Daily Essential Face Moisturizer

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A better choice for guys to soothe and hydrate their skin after shaving. This moisturizer is enriched with organic jojoba oil, green tea, aloe vera, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and DMAE. These ingredients nourish, protect, and renew your pale skin. It also gets rid of dull skin cells leaving smooth looking complexion. Men at any age with any skin type can use this winter moisturizer for face, neck, decollete, and eyes. Brickell Men’s Daily Essential Moisturizer is oil-free and non-pore clogging, so good for acne and oily skin. Some extra benefits are it can also fight free radicals, age spots, and sunburns.

7. Rugged & Dapper Age & Damage Defense Facial Cream

Rugged & Dapper Age & Damage Defense Facial Cream

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This cold cream helps combat dry skin, breakouts, aging signs, sunspots, and other environmental hazards. Rugged & Dapper Age & Damage Defense Cream contains nutrient-rich ingredients like shea, jojoba oil, aloe vera, and hyaluronic acid. Aloe vera soothes sunburnt skin, hyaluronic acid plumps up the skin, and shea butter & jojoba oil deeply moisturize your chapped skin, a great protection against dry air of the winter. This product quickly absorbs giving you a masculine scented matte-finished skin that your GF will definitely love. This winter face cream for men can be also used as an aftershave to moisturize the skin immediately.

8. Clarins Men Super Moisture Gel

Clarins Men Super Moisture Ge

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This is a gel-based formula to give you higher hydration when you experience dry, rough, tight, or sensitive skin. It contains naturally derived hyaluronic acid that improves the skin’s natural moisture and smooths bumpy, rough, and uneven tones & textures. Its non-oily formula provides you ultra-refreshing energized skin throughout cold season. Clarins Men Super Moisture Gel soothes razor burns, irritation, and bumps. While it repairs your dry skin, also protects you from further chapping.

9. Gold Bond Men’s Essentials Everyday Moisture

Gold Bond Men's Essentials Everyday Moisture

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This lotion for dry skin is made with 7 essential moisturizers that help keep the skin protected, soft, and hydrated for 24 hours against extremely rough weather. Gold Bond Essentials Everyday Moisture is an ultimate hydrator for your whole body. Fast-absorbing, non-greasy and refreshes the skin with a slightly masculine scent that will surely power up your skin in winter. The moisturizer is also enriched with some potent vitamins and nutrients that improve and restore your dull skin with proper nourishment.

10. Dove Men+ Care Face Lotion Hydrate+

Dove Men+ Care Face Lotion Hydrate+

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This lotion is exactly for the treatment of intensively dry, itchy skin in winter for the men who are very casual to their skin care. It absorbs quickly, is a non-greasy formula but keeps the skin hydrated with a mild masculine smell that lasts all day long. An ideal moisturizer for men’s sensitive skin that is constantly prone to dryness, rosacea, eczema, rashes, or redness. It is also rich in broad-spectrum SPF15 that helps protect your skin from sun damages. Dove Men+ Care Face Lotion Hydrate+ is also a great cold cream for whole body to give you more comfortable skin.

How I keep my skin soft and smooth in winter

I basically follow cleansing, scrubbing, and moisturizing my skin with creamy cleanser, gentle exfoliator, and oil-based cream to foster velvety skin in winter. For everyone — whether male or female, you should use a little bit heavy moisturizing products in winter.

Also, follow these tips to keep your skin nourished, healthy, and clean. Men’s skin also gets drier as they stay outside more time and are reluctant to use skincare products. I hope, if you use any winter cream of this list, you will surely maintain a radiant, soft, and nourished face throughout these chilly months.

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