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The outer layer of the skin consists of good bacteria, antioxidants, oils, and lipids (micro-protective barriers) that naturally protect the skin from odor, dryness, irritation, etc. But, when intimate parts (like the vagina, vulva, or groins) get less light, air, and moisture; it starts to grow bacteria and smells in those areas, and finally you experience odor.

To keep your intimate areas fresh, clean, and fragrant —below I have shown you the best intimate feminine washes that will help cleanse your genital, bikini, vaginal, vulvar, and other sensitive areas leaving you fresh, clean and scented all day long.


Dr. Renjie Chang says, “The vagina needs not to be washed because it is a self-cleaning organ (that is called a discharge system). A healthy vagina has the effective ecology of bacteria that helps it to maintain the right pH itself. She also explains, “That would be a pH value of 3.5 to 4.5, which is slightly acidic. At this pH, our vaginas can prevent “bad” bacteria from thriving.”

So, what you have to do— wash your vulva (around the vagina) with a good quality feminine cleanser to keep this area odor-free, clean, and fresh. YOUR MAN WILL LIKE IT!

Sherry Ross, MD, OB-GYN says, “Cleaning the vulva should be a part of a woman’s daily hygienic routine.” And now ladies are more concerned about the health of their private areas.

BUT, many traditional intimate feminine washes may cause harmful bacteria, irritation, yeast infection, odor, and even may damage the natural defense and cleaning process of the vagina. That’s why; you need a gentle and safe one. In this buying guide article, we only focused on the intimate feminine cleansers that you can trust for your next intercourse.

1. Rael Natural Foaming Feminine Wash

Rael Natural Foaming Feminine Wash

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This intimate cleanser is made with natural ingredients like rosemary oil, citrus lime oil, lavender oil, and citrus lemon peel oil to keep your vulva and vaginal area clean and fresh. It contains a light scent and maintains a healthy pH balance to ensure a woman’s daily hygiene. Rael Natural Foaming Feminine Wash is non-irritating, non-drying, and keeps the vagina odor-free and smooth with some essential oils. A gynecologist-recommended cleanser that acts gently like liquid soap.

2. freshie Natural Feminine Wash

freshie Natural Feminine Wash

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This intimate feminine cleanser is freshly scented with plant-based ingredients and peppermint essential oils. It blocks all bacteria & odors and is perfect for vaginal, vulvar, private, and external cleansing. freshie Natural Feminine Wash keeps a healthy pH balance from 3.5 to 4.5, your vaginal area will be fresh, clean, and fragrant. Its essential oils give a tingling sensation leaving you exotic. It is basically like a non-irritating soap that helps heal your yeast infections. This intimate feminine wash can be also used for bikini areas. Good news is — not tested on animals, made in the USA, no artificial scent, dyes, paraben, or DEA.

3. Queen V Feminine Body Wash

Queen V Feminine Body Wash

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This intimate cleanser contains aloe vera, green tea, chamomile, and mango extract. It is free from dyes, paraben, glycerin and contains vegan extracts that are healthy pH balanced, and support private hygiene for all ages of women. Queen V Feminine Body Wash works strictly for vaginal odor, its surrounding area, and treats yeast infection. Its natural extracts soothe, hydrate, and freshen up dirty, dry, and bad-smelling vulva. This gynecologist-tested intimate wash is made for millennial women for their super hygienic life.

4. Zero Taboos Genital & Perianal Wash

Zero Taboos Genital & Perianal Wash

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It is a sulfate-free, gentle, and unscented intimate foaming wash for women to keep their private area clean, smooth, and fresh. It naturally kills odor-causing bacteria, usable for frequent use, optimized with the USA & European ingredients, and healthy pH balanced. Zero Taboos Genital & Perianal Wash maintains healthy bacterial flora in the vagina, underarms, groins, and genitals. Its prebiotics, amino-acid, and citric acid remove all kinds of odors like S. epidermidis and S. hominis, and works for chronic yeast infections, UTIs or BV.

5. Basic Care Feminine Wash

Basic Care Feminine Wash

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Basic Care intimate cleanser gives you a light fresh scent and odor-block protection before the nasty starts. This feminine wash is suitable for all ages of women with sensitive skin too for triple smell protection. Even after menopause, this product is safe. Basic Care Feminine Wash is gynecologist-tested & hypoallergenic and gives you a clean fresh scented vagina and keeps your private area odor-free. Its non-soap cleanser leaves you hydrated skin without drying and itching. A decent cleanser for summer or winter and also perfect as a body wash.

6. SweetSpot Coconut Lime Gentle Feminine Wash

SweetSpot Coconut Lime Gentle Feminine Wash

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Winner of Elle Magazine as the best feminine wash. It’s 97% natural, gynecologist & dermatologist-tested, and pH-balanced intimate cleanser. It is clinically safe even for sensitive skin, vegan, cruelty -free and made by women for women. This vagina cleansing soap is blended with lime, coconut, aloe, apricot kernel oil, and jojoba oil. Coconut & lime give an exotic tropical citrus fragrance. Also, great to use for entire body hygiene. SweetSpot Gentle Feminine Wash is actually for genitals, bikini, vagina, and underarms cleaning and refreshing.

7. Sliquid Splash Gentle Feminine Wash

Sliquid Splash Gentle Feminine Wash

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It contains safe ingredients without glycerin, paraben, soap, or harsh detergents. This intimate feminine wash is compatible with vaginal natural pH. Natural fragrance and refreshing abilities are extracted from sea salt, essential oils, and coconut derivatives. Sliquid Splash Gentle Feminine Wash is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and cleanses odor-causing bacteria with certified botanical and 100% vegan ingredients. To get squeaky clean intimate areas use this product. Also, it is helpful for yeast infections and UTI.

8. Vagisil Daily Intimate Feminine Wash

Vagisil Daily Intimate Feminine Wash

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Vagisil is an awesome product because it basically helps treat vaginal yeast infections. It is also gentle for sensitive skin, is hypoallergenic, and provides 24-hour odor protection. A Patented Odor Block Technology is used to develop this intimate wash that helps kill bacteria before it begins. The cleanser is rich in roman chamomile extracts, aloe vera, and lactic acid. Vagisil Daily Intimate Feminine Wash is gynecologist-tested, daily usable for all intimate areas, and be fresh even when you are in exercise, period, jogging, or workout. It eliminates sweat, odor, & bacteria, and prevents breakouts.

9. Luvena Daily Therapeutic Feminine Wash

Luvena Daily Therapeutic Feminine Wash

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If you want day long fresh and scented vaginal area, then it would be a great choice for you as this intimate wash is made with natural and organic ingredients. It also contains bio-active enzymes that protect sensitive, private, vaginal, and intimate areas from nasty smell & itchiness and keep you clean and fresh. Its ultra-rich moisturizers leave your vagina and vulva protected, soft, and calm. Also, it won’t irritate sensitive skin. Luvena Daily Therapeutic Feminine Wash is effective after/during shaving, pregnancy, or exercise. It maintains vaginal flora & pH, even good for diabetic patients and post-menopause.

10. IRIS & ORCHID Natural Herbal Foaming Feminine Cleanser

IRIS & ORCHID Natural Herbal Foaming Feminine Cleanser

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It is infused with anise fruit extract, rosemary, lavender oil, and green tea. It is safe for sensitive skin, causes hygienic genitals and vagina; reduces irritation and pH balanced with vegan, natural, and herbal extracts. IRIS & ORCHID Foaming Feminine Cleanser contains antioxidants, nutrients, and some secret herbs that are effective both for men and women. This intimate wash cleans up all vaginal discomfort and odor without irritation or dryness. It maintains a natural pH from 4.2 to 4.5 and heals yeast infections also.

How I basically maintain my vaginal hygiene

All women irrespective of age experience odor in the vagina, vulva, armpits, groin, or genitals. No wonder, when you take exercise, walk, run, workout, or in the period, after pregnancy or what you eat can often cause smell, sweat, dirt, or bacteria in private areas. Using these intimate feminine washes will block those odor-causing bacteria and remove all smells, impurities, and dirt. These feminine cleansers are also safe during pregnancy, even twice a day.

Besides using an intimate cleanser, I sometimes simply wash my vaginal area with lukewarm water mixing with some antiseptic like Savlon. It kills odor, bacteria, and infections while also stopping itchiness and irritation.

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