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Once upon a time, men were unkempt. Then it was the symbol of masculinity. Women also liked that. But, now the taste of men and women have been changed. Modern ladies do not like messy and untidy males. Not only women, everywhere now the well-groomed men are expected more from job interviews to social influencing. So, men are also now shifting their minds to skincare alongside the gym.

Men’s skin is not so simple as women. Their skin is thicker, oilier, and dirtier as they move more into dust, smoke, pollutants, and cities. They have to also shave their beard regularly. So, men’s skincare regimen is different than women – BUT NOT DIFFICULT.

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Here I will show you the fundamental facial skincare tips for men according to the dermatologists. You will know what skincare things you have to do from cleansing to shaving for getting healthier, clearer, and younger skin.

The basic skin care tips for men (face, eye area, lips, & shaving)

1. Cleansing (using face wash, mask, & scrub)

Man goes rough and tough, so their skin gets dirty and oily on some areas at the end of the day even if he has dry-prone skin. Cleanse your face with a mild face wash normally two times a day, evening (after coming back home), and morning. Cleansing in the morning is not so essential. If you feel oily skin, you can do so. Use lukewarm water and pat the skin dry.

Besides, splash your face with normal water several times a day if you feel dirty and shiny face. Avoid soap bar as it often contains harsh ingredients that may trip out necessary moisture of the skin.

If you notice blackheads or whiteheads, you can apply a peel-off mask once or twice a week. Charcoal, Dead Sea mud, kaolin, or bentonite mask is a better option. Don’t leave the mask for more than 15 minutes as it may dry out the skin. For getting brighter skin like a male model, you can use sheet masks rich in anti-aging and hydrating serums. Leave it on 10-15 minutes for matte finish smooth skin.

Scrubbing is also a good choice to get rid of dead skin cells that get stuck into pores and causes acne, pimples, and blackheads. Exfoliate your face just once or twice a week as your need. You can also use a chemical exfoliant like BHAs – salicylic acid or AHAs – lactic acid & glycolic acid. Chemical exfoliant reduces age spots, discolorations, acne, and improves elastin and collagen level.

2. Toning

Toning can be essential for men who want the Korean male model like skin. A toner basically does 3 things like cleansing, toning, and hydrating. Besides, toner also firms and tightens the skin. You can simply pick up an alcohol-free rose water toner because it suits all with any skin types. After cleansing, apply some toner with a toning pad or cotton ball.

3. Moisturizing

For not keeping the skin moisturized properly, you may be encountered with earlier aging lines, dry patches, dull skin, itchiness, and sensitive skin. After each cleansing, moisturize your skin. After the shower, apply some moisturizer. And when you splash your face throughout the day, you can also apply some moisturizer if you notice tightness.

4. Preventing (acne, wrinkles, spots, dark circles, sunburn, & chapped lips)

The skin under the eyes is very subtle and tends to wrinkled faster. In addition, for lack of care you can also notice crow’s feet, sagginess, puffy eyes, eye bags, and dryness under the eyes. Earlier signs of aging and dark circles just put your mode off. Use some eye cream that can reduce and prevent those fine lines. Products with retinol, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, aloe, protein peptides, green tea, etc. work better for the eye area. Sometimes eye cream (with retinoids) can cause uncomfortable in the sun. Using eye cream before bedtime is the better option.

Men move more in the sun than women. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen SPF30 or more when you go outside. It will protect your face from sunburn, suntan, and spots. The sun rays also trigger earlier aging signs, acne scars, and dark spots. You can also wear sunglasses or a wide-brimmed hat.

You get more kisses when your lips are sexy. Lips have no oil glands. So, they become chapped and cracked easily. Keep a lip balm always with you. Apply it whenever you feel tight lips whether it is winter or summer. You can also use SPF lip balm to protect your lips from the sun rays. Moreover, scrub your lips twice a week with honey and brown sugar.

5. Shaving (using cream, razor, & aftershave)

Ricci and Landells suggest, after cleansing your face, just splash some lukewarm water. It will open up pores. Then apply your favorite shaving cream, gel, or mousse and take some time to create a rich lather that keeps the skin moist and warm. And it will help a closer smoother shave.

You can also shave during your shower time. It will save you time and you won’t need any extra things. And it is also better for the men who have sensitive skin because it makes the hair enough softer to shave very closely.

You can choose either a single or multiple blade razors. If you have enough time, use a single blade razor. But, you must be comfortable with your razor. Always shave your beard in the direction of your hair growth. It will reduce cuts, irritation, redness, and ingrown hair.

Then splash your face with some normal water and pat the skin dry. Now apply some aftershave like a balm, cream, or lotion. It will soothe, hydrate, and cool down the skin immediately after shaving.

Landells also suggests not using any aftershave as they are mostly rich in fragrance. Rather just simply apply some lightweight, oil-free moisturizer while the skin is damp.

6. Choosing products (according to your skin types)

I always try to pick up non-comedogenic, gentle, dye-free, alcohol-free, and fragrance-free products. These phrases are always good both for men and women with all skin types.

Products labeled with gentle are good for sensitive skin. Products with non-comedogenic do not cause pores, acne, blackheads, or whiteheads. So, these are good options for oily, acne-prone skin. Salicylic acid, vitamin C, charcoal, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, benzoyl peroxide, etc. are effective ingredients for oily skin, acne, and blemishes. Besides, oil-free and lightweight formula is also touted for oily skin.

If you have dry or sensitive skin, avoid the product that has alcohol or fragrance. Because alcohol dries out the skin and fragrance may cause allergens and irritation to the skin. The products having hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, natural oils, glycolic acid, calendula extract, aloe vera, white tea, urea, lactic acid, chamomile, oatmeal, etc. work better for dry and sensitive skin.

7. Maintaining (sleep, diet, exercise, drinking water, & avoid tanning bed)

To carry on clean and smooth skin, you also need to maintain some good habits. Having 8 hours of sleep, healthy foods, and exercise daily repair your skin’s various issues. Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily to keep your skin well-hydrated. Avoid smoking, more caffeine, alcohol, sugary foods, and tanning bed also.

Wrapping Up

Hey men, these are the nitty-gritty of your facial skincare. I hope, if you follow the above tips, you will get smoother, clearer, brighter, and healthier skin. I personally insist my younger brother keeping his face always clean, not touching the face frequently, avoiding sun rays, not popping up his pimples, and applying some moisturizer before the bed.


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