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Do you know why the brands spend millions of dollars to create newer and newer shades of lipsticks? Just for you. Nobody likes goofy lips. Beautiful lips are something that can express both your beauty and personality whether you are a man or woman.

Our real skin colors of the lips may be different due to our hereditary reasons. But, our main aim should be to keep our lips healthy, smooth, and supple. That’s enough to keep pace with beauty.

What makes your lips dark

reasons for dark and chapped lips

In spite of having pink lips, sometimes lips can be dark, brown, or black due to smoking, sunburn, dehydration, dead skin cells, etc. Even, you may experience dark spots on your lips (if you are reluctant to your lips) that are much stubborn to vanish away. The things that are liable for dark to black lips are:

  • Low blood circulation
  • Stress, taking drugs
  • Keeping lips chapped for hours
  • Licking lips
  • Consistent use of lip products, lipsticks, etc.
  • Hyperpigmentation or melasma
  • Anaemia
  • Huge consumption of hot beverages and caffeine
  • Not using sunscreen on lips
  • Allergens to the lips from products
  • Using old or expired lip care items
  • Excessive use of fluoride
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Toxins and poisons to the lips
  • Hormonal changes, etc.

Anyway, to get brighter and healthier lips you should avoid the above factors, and practice to use natural ingredients that can safely lighten your dark pigmented lips. Well, now let’s see how we can get reddish and supple lips using some home remedies.

How to get pink, soft, and sexy lips naturally?

You can brighten up your black lips using either medical treatment/artificial products or home remedies. Artificial products or medical treatments are lip fillers, laser therapy, peeling, plastic surgery, lip mask, or scrubbing. But, these artificial treatments may be associated with risks. So, we will only discuss here the home remedies that will have no side effects and safely get rid of dark spots on the lips. And don’t forget our main aim is to keep the lips healthy. LOOK AT MICHEL OBAMA!

1. Rose petals and milk cream

Rose petals and milk cream to get pink lips

I personally use these two ingredients to carry on pink lips forever. Rose petals are soothing, hydrating, anti-aging, and contain natural skin lightening substances that will help remove dark spots, age spots, nicotine stains, suntan, and other black patches on the lips. Rose petal paste also calms down the lips from sunburns. While milk cream stimulates newer cells and cleanses the skin on the lips. So, lips will look gradually pink and smooth.

How To Use: Mash up some rose petals and mix one tablespoon of milk cream with it. Apply this solution onto the lips and rub it gently for 2 minutes. Let the mixture stay onto the lips for 30 minutes or overnight if you choose nighttime. Repeat these remedies 2-3 times a week until you will get red lips.

2. Milk and pomegranate juice

Milk and pomegranate juice to lighten black lips

According to Healthline, “Milk contains lactic acid, which is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) ingredient that many modern skincare products include. Lactic acid is especially popular in anti-aging face cleansers. Studies show it helps remove dead skin cells and stimulates new cell growth.” Not only that, but milk also whitens the upper layer of the skin and nourishes the complexion deeply.

Do you remember Katy Perry’s Roar how she tinted her lips with pomegranate seeds in the jungle? Yea, if you want a quick pink pout, apply some pomegranate juice on the lips, wait some minutes, and then cleanse off your lips and see how your lips look like with a raw red color. Pomegranate seeds contain a compound, punicalagin which whitens pigmented lips by preventing melanin production. It also prevents the lips from being darker due to the sunburn.

How To Use: Grind a handful of pomegranate seeds and mix it with some milk cream. Apply it onto the lips evenly with your fingertips or a brush. Wait for 15 minutes to dry the mask out. Then wash your lips off with cold water. Follow these home remedies daily for one month to get bigger, fuller, and pinker lips.

3. Sugar and honey lip scrub

Sugar and honey lip scrub to remove dark spots on lips

You can either use white or brown sugar but brown one is gentler and contains more antioxidants that protect the subtle skin of the lips from toxins and ultraviolet sun exposure. Brown sugar also contains glycolic acid that brightens up hyperpigmentation and dark spots on lips by exfoliating melanin.

Honey and sugar scrub is very tasty, DON’T EAT IT UP, PLEASE. This homemade lip scrub is more effective in exfoliating dead skin cells that basically make your lips looking dull, unpleasant, and dark.

Honey contains a natural humectant that attracts natural moisture to the skin. The enzymes in honey lighten dark lips due to smoking, tan, or sunspots. While brown sugar exfoliates dry cells, honey makes the lips smooth and hydrated.

How To Use: Mix each one tablespoon of honey and brown sugar in a small bowl. Apply this mixture onto the lips and rub it gently with your fingertips for one minute. Then leave the scrub on the lips for 2-3 minutes until washing your lips off with normal water. This not only exfoliates your lips but also increases blood circulation making the lips rosy and soft. Follow this DIY method 2-3 times a week until you will get expected brighter lips.

4. Almond oil and lemon juice

Almond oil and lemon juice to lighten dark spots on lips

Sweet almond oil moisturizes the lips inside. It prevents the lips from chapping and evens out the tones alongside lightening dark lips.

Lemon is a natural skin bleaching agent as it contains lots of vitamin C. It is suitable for all with any skin type. Lemon juice behaves slightly like a toner or astringent. So, it will cleanse, tone, even out and lighten the lips. Lemon juice is also an antioxidant that prevents the lips from the sun damage and smooths out wrinkles and dark spots on lips.

How To Use: Squeeze the juice from half of a lemon and mix it well with one tablespoon of sweet almond oil. Apply a little amount of this mixture onto the lips and massage it with your fingers gently for one minute. Then wait for 30 minutes or overnight if you apply it at night. Continue this method daily for 2-3 weeks until you notice pinker lips.

5. Beetroot juice

Beetroot juice to make lips pink and soft

Beetroot is a superfood and rich in various nutrients that are beneficial both for health and skin. You can also use it to get a tinge on your lips. Have you ever noticed when you eat this super vegetable it just colors your tongue, teeth, fingers, and clothes too with a pink? And this color does not go away within minutes. That’s why; you can use its juice to clear up your pigmented lips. Beetroot is cheap, completely natural, and chemical-free. So, safe to the subtle skin of the lips and for all.

How To Use: Mix each one tablespoon of organic honey and beetroot juice. Apply it on the lips with a cotton swab and massage your lips gently for a couple of minutes. Then let it leave overnight. In the morning, you will see a blushing pout. Just like raw red! Repeat this remedy for a week to get a significant result.

6. Honey, aloe vera and raspberries

Honey, aloe vera and raspberries to get pink lips

The lip scrub with raspberries, aloe vera, and honey can really also make your lips pink by removing dark spots, sun spots, pigments, melanin, and other discoloration on your lips.

Aloe vera is a moisturizing and calming ingredient for chapped lips. It is also effective to lighten black lips. Aloe vera soothes the sunburnt lips quickly while helps newer cells. So, the lips will be looking younger and brighter.

Organic honey is more useful to restore natural moisture and color to the lips. Organic honey makes the lips suppler. Berries are rich in vitamins and minerals that turn your lips vibrant and healthy. Berries contain vitamin C that is the most potent natural ingredient to lighten discolored lips. Vitamin C gets rid of dull cells, fine lines, brown patches, and hyperpigmentation on your lips. Also, it protects the lips from free radiation, toxins, and premature lines.

How To Use: Take an equal amount of organic honey, aloe vera gel, and raspberries or strawberries in a small bowl. Mix them well and apply the mixture onto the lips. Massage gently in the circular motions with your fingertips. Then leave the scrub for 20 minutes and cleanse off your lips with cool water and pat them dry with a tissue.

7. Lemon and sugar

Lemon and sugar to scrub dark and dry lips

Lemon juice contains citric acid that works as a natural bleaching agent. Thus it lessens dark shades on the lips leaving them pink. And sugar scrubs away all dull skin cells that cause lips looking darker.

How To Use: Cut a lemon into slices. Sprinkle some sugar onto a slice and rub it onto the lips gently for 1-2 minutes. Then wash your lips off with normal water and it will reveal out baby-soft red lips. Follow these remedies 2 times a week for healthier lips.

Tips for men to get pink lips naturally

Pleasant lips of men are also captivating to the girls. Men can also use the above home remedies to lighten their dark lips due to smoking, suntan, nicotine, caffeine, etc. What else you can also do – exfoliate your lips twice a week, moisturize them with a lip balm, protect them from UVA/UVB ultraviolet rays, and quit smoking. To know more details about men’s lip care, you can read this article.

Also, remember these things

  • Throw expired, old, or inexpensive lip care products away.
  • Let your lips breathe. Don’t wear lipstick at home. And always get rid of makeup from lips before sleeping.
  • Never take more than 3 cups of tea or coffee as caffeine stains lips and teeth too. Cut off your alcoholic habit also.
  • A study in 2005 found that out of 299 people who applied sunscreen to their body correctly, only 37 percent also used lip protection. But, sunburn is one of the main reasons for lip darkening. Wear SPF 15 or more when you go out either in summer or winter. Using an SPF-rich lip balm is a better option and reapply once an hour.
  • Never lick your lips. Saliva is more damaging to the lips. It drying out the lips quickly making them dark and cracked.
  • Always use lip balm. You can make some homemade lip balms or buy organic lip balms.
  • Keep your skin always hydrated by drinking 10 glasses of water daily.

Warnings: Lemon juice may irritate if you have sensitive-prone skin. If it does so, stop using lemon juice. And choose alternative remedies listed above. Always use some moisturizer after using lemon juice. If your lips are genetically dark, black, dusky, or brown, then there will be nothing much to do about it. Hello men, use rose petals, beetroot, and pomegranate juice carefully because these colors may stain longer hours with a raw red color that may look slightly feminine.


So, ladies and gents, gaining pink and soft lips is hard, but maintaining those brighter lips is harder. Always keep your lips moisturized with some oils or lip balm, wear sunscreen for lips in cloudy or sunny days, exfoliate your lips once or twice a week, use the above home remedies, keep your skin always hydrated and avoid those bad habits that turned your lips discolored. Then you will get younger-looking juicy pink lips.

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