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You have been waiting so long to date your crush. Now time to be ready. You almost did everything but your lips –

Maybe, lips will be the foremost impression for your crush who will kiss you more times if your lips are juicer.

That needs doing some extra care to get those perfectly kissable lips before the meeting.

The methods below I described will help you prep your lips as sexier as your partner was dreaming of.

Besides, the skin of the lips is more damage-prone for its nature. While our cheek has about 16 layers of the skin, our lips have only 4-5 layers. So, the lips get damaged easily for a slight reason.

These tips will surely help you keep your lips more hydrated and younger.

1. Sunscreen for lips

Whatever you use for your lips, you must apply SPF for your lips to protect them from burning out from the sun rays. The sunrays cause spots, tan, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation on the lips. Even you may be threatened with skin cancer on your lips if the sunburnt lips are untreated (though it is rare).

2. DIY lip scrub is just cool

brown sugar and honey lip scrub

Scrubbing keeps the lips softer and tender. Make your own edible lip scrub with brown sugar and coconut oils from your kitchen. Don’t put pressure. Just gently rub the lips in circular motions. And the granules will work to exfoliate off all dead skin cells, dark spots, and melanin on the lips.

3. Follow my tricks

During taking shower, I simply rub my lips with the fingers and it gently removes all dead skin cells. In winter, I put some Vaseline petroleum jelly on the lips. In the morning, I simply rub the lips and all dead skin cells will go off easily.

4. A handy lip scrub may help you

If you don’t like any DIY lip scrubs then buy some commercial-based lip exfoliants. Read the label to know about the authenticity of the ingredients.

There are lots of amazing lip exfoliators in the market formulated with safe, organic, and natural ingredients like brown sugar, coconut oil, honey, olive oil, Dead Sea salt, pink salt, etc. Just remember to be as gentle as your homemade scrubs.

5. Also treat your lips at night

After exfoliating, lips become a little bit cleaner that needs some extra thick lip balm or petroleum jelly, or your favorite coconut oil. Before going to the bed, put some balm thickly and when you wake up, you will get super-smooth lips.

6. Use tree nut oil, vitamin E, & beeswax

Dr. Anna Guanche, M.D. says, “if you don’t like petroleum jelly then you look for the balms with beeswax, vitamin E, and tree nut oil. Because vitamin E is an antioxidant that soothes and protects the lips. Tree nut oils like shea butter are a great natural moisturizer. And beeswax keeps the lips moisturized for longer hours.”

7. Go for petroleum jelly

use petroleum jelly for soft lips

To prevent dry lips, use organic or natural lip balms with petroleum jelly. It creates a protective barrier between your lips and the outsiders like dry air or sunburn. It seals the lips in deep moisture. But, remember these ingredients never opt for a style of your lips. This is healing medicine for chapped lips.

8. Don’t lick your lips

Though the pre-lick gives you a shiny hot makeover for a few seconds while ultimately it makes your lips drier. The enzymes in saliva cause irritation and moisture-loss that breaks down the thinner skin of the lips and grows more chapped cells. Applying lip balm frequently will treat your chapped lips.

9. Never pick those flaky cells also

I know it is very tempting. Actually, sometimes I also forget. You shouldn’t pick those flakes as you don’t touch your pimples or scars. Otherwise, it worsens your lips.

10. Use a lip mask

You are very familiar with a face mask but I am very obsessed with a lip mask. There are lots of options in your kitchen to make your own lip masks like aloe vera gel & olive oil, turmeric powder & yogurt, and lemon juice & honey.

11. Apply hydrocortisone for severely dry lips

If usual lip balms couldn’t heal your chapped lips then use over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream to revive your lips. Dr. Guanche also suggests using the cream that contains 1% hydrocortisone as it promotes healthier lips rapidly by treating inflammation.

12. Opt for the right lipstick or lip gloss

hydrating lipstick or lip gloss for smooth lips

Now time to top off your lips with your favorite lip color. You can use a hydrating lipstick or easy-to-apply lip gloss that gives you fully prepped moisturized lips. Don’t go for sticky lip gloss.

13. Wear a lip stain

You are worried that your lip color may be messed up while kissing off on that or your matte formula may dry out your lips more. But don’t be feared. Just apply a lip stain on your moisturized lipstick or gloss. It will keep your lip color intact for long hours.

14. Try a lip plumper

If you want those bigger, fuller oomph lips then apply lip plumper to quickly convert them as like as Kylie Jenner.

15. Don’t pick those lip products with fragrance or flavor

Flavors or fragrances are often made with chemical-based ingredients that cause irritation, dryness, and inflammation. Lipsticks, lip balms, or lip glosses –  anything may contain fragrances or flavors. If you choose tinted lip balms, be sure about their safe dyes.

But, I like more milk cream and rose petals. I smush up some fresh rose petals and mix them with milk cream. Then apply it to the lips for a few minutes. Then cleanse off the lips with a wet tissue. It gives my lips instant natural pink color and softness. This lip mask is great for those who have dry pigmented lips.

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