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Dark lips are sexy to me because I love my natural skin color and tone. If you don’t like your dark lips and want to lighten them then this article will help you. Here I will discuss some pros and cons of laser treatment for dark lips. Today a number of people would like to lighten their dark lips.

You will be wonder many African people are brightening their black lips with tattooing. Anyway, people get dark lips for two reasons – one: from their birth and second: they achieved dark lips due to smoking, sunburn, hyperpigmentation, lipstick stain, tan, dark spots, etc.

South Asian, Afro-American and many other regions’ people have dark lips from their birth. Their skin is also dark, brown, or black.

Dark stain can be also deposited on the lips due to the habit of using lipstick for a longer period of time. This is the case for women who always cover up their lips with lipstick.

Dr. Apratim Goel, a dermatologist says, “Patients, mostly smokers, develop dark lips which they look unsightly for. That’s why; there is a huge demand for lip lightening through laser treatment”.

Ways to lighten dark lips

There are lots of methods that you can follow to whiten your pigmented lips.

Home remedies are natural and they will help lighten, soften and plump up lips without side effects.

Tattooing is now an art to beautify the body and is very popular with celebrities. Black people like it more to turn their lips pink through tattooing. It is also a pricey method.

Laser treatment has been already risen up to remove hyperpigmentation from various parts of the body like underarms, bikini lines, elbows, knees, lips, chest, neck, hands, etc. Even laser treatment works to get rid of acne scars or dark spots from the face.

Below you will see some points that will help you decide if you should do laser treatment for your dark lips or not.

What is laser treatment for dark lips?

Laser treatment is a cosmetic procedure. It is popular for different concerns from skin resurfacing to teeth whitening to liposuction to vision correction.  Ablative and non-ablative – these are two types of laser treatments. Lip laser treatment breaks down melanin deposited on the lips with light therapy.

Ablative laser is usually applied to treat the top layer of the skin like chin, lips, or face. A few weeks of time is needed to notice a visual result from this ablative treatment.

Non-ablative laser: Mayo Clinic says, “Non-wounding or non-ablative laser promotes collagen level to help tighten the underlying skin.” As a result, skin looks younger.

Laser light therapy is safe and painless so that anyone adult can do it. This light therapy removes pigmented areas on the lips. A patient may need 2-4 sessions of treatment according to his/her hyperpigmentation size, pattern, and color.

Today’s advanced scientific research has innovated different cosmetic laser treatments for different parts of the body. And now this laser treatment has been an exoteric derma method.

Experienced laser aestheticians treat dark lips with a particular laser at the right parameters. To lighten dark lips, you may need 2-4 treatments through laser light therapy. Each session is done every six weeks or more.

A topical anesthetic cream is applied to numb lips and then a special nanosecond laser is used to treat lips. It takes 3-5 minutes for every session.

Lips may be swelled up a little bit after treating. It is simple. And don’t worry! Lips will start to be pink in one week. And in a few weeks, your lips will be mostly pink or reddish.

When one should go under a laser treatment for dark lips

I think first you need to use some home remedies. Of course, many of our readers complained that natural ingredients just did smooth out and shine up their lips. You can try some natural ingredients (lemon juice, jojoba oil, honey, etc.) at least a few times to check the result. If you’re not satisfied, then try other things.

Laser treatment is expensive. It also needs an experienced cosmetic dermatologist. So, if you have a budget and find out such doctors then you can go under.

You should also find out some patients who took laser treatment and listen to their words.

What dermatologists say about laser treatment for dark lips

Denver Facial Plastic Surgeon, Stephen Weber, MD, FACS says, “As far as I am aware there are no laser treatments to lighten the lips. The color of the lips results from the density of blood vessels and other pigments in the tissue. One option to refine the color is permanent makeup or medical-grade tattooing. An experienced permanent makeup artist can accomplish a lot with regard to pigmentation of the lips and other tissue.”

Bay Area Dermatologist, Sonia Badreshia-Bansal, MD says, “You can use a sunscreen with SPF 30 and zinc oxide to prevent your lips from becoming darker. You should consult with a board-certified dermatologist who may recommend bleaching creams, such as hydroquinone that could help to lighten up the discoloration.  Be certain to be under the supervision of a board-certified dermatologist for the most effective and safe treatment options for you.”

Alternatives to laser treatment

Laser treatment may have some risk factors or disadvantages and may not be a permanent solution though lots of people are now taking laser treatment to lighten their hyperpigmented lips. You may find uneven tones, scars, or burns after laser treatment.

You may try some other different methods to whiten your lips before going for a laser.

Natural ingredients like beetroot juice, pomegranate juice, brown sugar, etc. are effective for lip lightening and moisturizing and are safe and skin-friendly. Natural remedies also give potent nutrients that will make your lips supple and healthy.

Don’t lick or bite your lips. Using glycerin or petroleum jelly protects the lips from being chapped and saves the lips ultimately from dead skin cells. Finally, lips remain soft and kissable.

Today, lip sleeping mask is found very beneficial to get rid of melanin, freckles, dirt, or dead cells from the lips. Pick a natural one.

Lip tattooing is now exotic in various countries to give lip colors according to people’s choice.

You will also find a large number of lip lightening products in the market like lip creams, lip balms, lip gels, lip oils, or lip scrubs. These products are handy to use and not much costly. Just read the product label to be sure about their natural ingredients.

What I basically think about laser treatment for dark lips

You may remove your dark lips if you acquired them from smoking, suntan, injuries, pigments, etc. And natural dark lips mean that are from birth cannot be lightened. I will suggest you in this case you should be proud of what you have. God gave you the perfect tone. be contented.

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