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Now at the age of social influencing and cosmetic surgeries, every girl dreams of fuller and sexier lips like Kylie Jenner. They go to the drugstore and buy some lip fillers before their desired date or day.

But, you can get same bigger and plumper lips without using any lip fillers or injection. Yea! I am talking about some home remedies that can give you the same fuller lips like your favorite Instagram model.

And BONUS! —these natural ingredients are cheap and available at your kitchen. So, save extra bucks and watch Netflix.

Desire of getting fuller lips is not just a trend. It is more than fashion and style. Bigger lips also symbolize the power of beauty. Look at the Great Queen, Cleopatra who reigned the world.

A study in 2009 showed that women with bigger, fuller lips appear younger than their age. The study added that the fewer wrinkles a person had, the healthier they appeared to others.

It is not just to boost up the thickness or smoothness of your lips, rather it is the health and hydration of your lips.

So, there are no better options but natural ingredients.

1. Vaseline and cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of the best natural ingredients to make the lips bigger and sexier. Using cinnamon increases the blood circulation and it let the lips look reddish.

Add some cinnamon powder with some Vaseline to prepare an effective lip filler. Apply it on the lips and stay for 10-15 minutes and then rinse off your lips.

2. Olive oil and cayenne pepper

You will get this tingling ingredient in your kitchen and olive oil is a great natural moisturizer for skin and hair. If you yet haven’t try this technique to plump up your lips, then hurry up.

Of course, this plumper lips will stay for some moments. It is good to take a selfie or night hang out with friends when you need to blush up your lips for a while.

Mix one tablespoon of olive oil with some cayenne pepper powder. Place this mixture onto the lips and spread it evenly. Wait for a few minutes. Then wipe it off and follow a lip balm to moisturize the lips.

3. Toothpaste

It sounds much weird! But, using toothpaste can give you swelled up lips for some hours. Apply some toothpaste evenly on your lips and then scrub your lips with a toothbrush. So, if you want to get plumper lips for a few hours then you can follow this technique.

4. Using a suction cup

You will find suction cups near your stores or look for your home, luckily you can get one. Suction cups are perfect to plump up the lips. Take one cup that fits to your lips. Place it on your lips and suck the air in and hold it for several minutes.

5. Exfoliating lips with honey and sugar

The combination of honey and sugar is a greater natural scrub to get rid of those nasty dark cells from the lips. But, you would be wonder that this mixer also helps fatten up your lips for some moments.

Apply this scrub on the lips and rub it gently for one minute. Then let the mixture stay on the lips for 10-15 minutes. The honey will soak into the lips completely and make them looking fuller.

6. Ice cube

Massaging your lips not more than two minutes with an ice cube can also increase the volume of your lips. Using ice cube is also good for dry lips. It will scrub off dull, flaky skin cells on the lips leaving them soothed and blush from the sunburn.

You can try this natural lip plumping treatment before your big day or anytime when you desire for a pair of bigger lips for a sexy selfie.

Tips that also help you

  • For sensitive skin, just follow honey and sugar scrub to exfoliate your chapped lips along with blushing and shaping out your lips.
  • Apply moisture to the lips after using remedies to keep the lips hydrated and conditioning.
  • Most of them are not permanent methods, just for a while.
  • You are unfortunate if you have not naturally fuller and bigger lips.

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