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Oscar Wilde says, “In judging of a beautiful statue, the aesthetic faculty is absolutely and completely gratified by the splendid curves of those marble lips that are dumb to our complaint, the noble modeling of those limbs that are powerless to help us.”

Yea, lips are strong to impress others. And it will be easy if your lips are sexier. But, sometimes our lips may be dark due to smoking, sunburn, dryness, lipstick stain, anemia, eating disorders, genetics, allergens, etc. (know more from MedicalNewsToday). Below I will show you how you can lighten your dark pigmented lips with these 10 best dark lips creams.

There are lots of lip lightening creams in the market but these 10 picks will surely help you to get healthier, smoother, suppler, and naturally pinker lips. These lip creams are safe, gentle, effective, and made with naturally-sourced ingredients without side effects.

Of course, I prefer to use home remedies like honey + lemon juice, beetroot juice, cucumber juice, or honey + brown sugar to scrub, even out and lighten my lips. These home remedies not only brighten my lips but also make them plumper, bigger, fuller, and smoother.

The best lip lightening cream for dark lips

1. LipSmart Powerful Hydration Lip Treatment Cream

LipSmart Powerful Hydration Lip Treatment Cream

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LipSmart Lip Treatment Moisturizer is blended with pineapple, coconut, lemon, and peach to brighten, soften and nourish your dark lips along with boosting the elasticity around the lips. Glycolipids and peptides increase natural hyaluronic acid to keep the lips hydrated. This volumizer will cover up cracks, deflation, and fine lines on your lips. The plant-derived ingredients reverse the signs that turn the lips dark, pigmented, tanning, and chapped.

2. Lanbena Orange Moisturize & White Lip Mask & Lip Balm Cream

Lanbena Orange Moisturize & White Lip Mask & Lip Balm Cream

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This peeling, whitening, and softening lip scrub cream with vitamin C and Keratin fade dark spots, dead skin cells, lip lines, dark spots, and improve elastic lips. It is rich in botanical extracts to give the lips those nutrients that make the lips supple. Lip cream that treats dry lips, improves peeling, softens the keratin, and nourishes dry lips deeply. It diminishes all hyperpigmentation from upper and lower lips making them sexier. It provides healthy lips by getting rid of dull lips.

3. AsaVea Advanced Brightening Whitening Cream

AsaVea Advanced Brightening Whitening Cream

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It is a powerful skin lightening cream with effective ingredients for lips, nipples, knees, areolas, elbows, armpits, neck, and other private areas. While it brightens, it also hydrates, repairs, firms, and lifts the skin of the lips. AsaVea Advanced Brightening Cream is safe, gentle, and usable for all sensitive and subtle areas of your body. It contains plant-based ingredients and brightening peptides for smoother and clearer skin.

4. Jaowying Beauty Jujub Pineapple Lip Lightening Cream

Jaowying Beauty Jujub Pineapple Lip Cream

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It is a highly potent pink lip cream for those who want to turn their dark lips rosy and supple. This product contains shea butter that nourishes, hydrates, and softens lips. If you do not want laser treatment for your dark lips then this balm will be perfect for you to get naturally luscious lips. Jaowying Beauty Jujub Lip Cream gradually decreases pigments, gently lightens dark lips and prevents further darkness. It improves the overall condition of your pout. Fruity flavor, not sticky, refreshing, and strong to lighten.

5. Bioglo Cherry Pink Lips & Nipples Cream

Bioglo Cherry Pink Lips & Nipples Cream

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This lip and nipple lightening cream is formulated with some powerful skin lightening herbal extracts like prunus yedoensis leaf extract, sakura, and cherry. Bioglo Cherry Pink Lip Cream leaves your lips evener, more alluring, more reddish, and smoother. It intensely hydrates, moisturizes, and rejuvenates your lips with its youth-preserving ingredients. It gives you natural and nice pink colored lips in 10 seconds and perfect for African-American-Indian women.

6. Bella Vita NicoLips Lip Lightening Scrub Balm Cream

Bella Vita NicoLips Lip Lightening Scrub Balm Cream

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It is a lip lightening and exfoliating creamy balm for men and women having dark pigmented chapped lips. Use it before makeup to moisturize and smooth out your pout. It removes dark spots, dead skin cells, lipstick stains, nicotine stain, tan, sun spots, shisha marks, and other hyperpigmentation on the lips. NicoLips Lip Lightening Cream comes with a total earth-friendly package, contains all-natural ingredients that repair and brighten dark damaged lips. Vitamin E and aloe get rid of wrinkles, dead skin cells, and sunburn marks from the lips.

7. Tree Hut Lip Butter Lip Cream

Tree Hut Lip Butter Lip Cream

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Ultra brightening and healing lip balm with Tree Hut Sugarlips Lip Care formula for cracked and dark lips. Blended with 100% natural rosehip oil and shea butter to treat severely damaged lips for men and women. My sister, Orpita uses this lip cream in winter. She says it works great and retains smoothness for longer hours without reapplication. It gives her instant pink hydrated lips. Also, works in the room heater atmosphere. Its Chinaberry extracts help lighten hyperpigmented lips leaving them youthful.

8. Pannara Clinic PRC Lip Lightening Cream

Pannara Clinic PRC Lip Lightening Cream

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It is an effective lip lightening cream for those who experienced brown lips due to smoking, sunburn, dark spots, lipstick, coffee/tea, or other things. It gently and safely gets rid of the upper dark layer of the lips and then smooths and evens out the lip tones. After a few uses, it will make your lips naturally pink and smooth. Within 2 weeks, you will get naturally reddish lips. Pannara Clinic PRC Dark Lips Cream slightly peels off dark corners, dull cells, dead skin, and tan from the lips and lip lines and gradually turn your pout naturally beautiful.

9. Latisha Dark Lips Lightening Cream

Latisha Dark Lips Lightening Cream

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It makes your dark lips bright whether it is genetic or acquired. It is a proven, effective, and safe lip lightening cream both for men and women to lighten their dark lips due to smoking, wrinkles, dead skin, sunburn, dark spots, suntan, tea/coffee stain, nicotine, lipstick stain, or other things. Latisha (Laetitia) Lip Cream is rich in niacinamide, aloe barbadensis, and alpha arbutin that soothe, brighten, firm, and even out the tones of your lips. It is not a lip gloss or a balm, it just removes uneven pigmentation.

10. Bioaqua Lip Lightening Cream for Dark Lips

Bioaqua Lip Lightening Cream for Dark Lips

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It is a skin whitening cream for dark lips, nipples, labia, areolas, armpits, body, and other private areas. It suits all skin types and daily usable for intimate skin and lip nursing. It will keep your lips smooth, natural, and pink just like a child. Bioaqua Lip Lightening Cream is also good for dry, chapped, and cracked lips as it hydrates and moisturizes your pout. Its botanical ingredients give a close treatment to the lips. It contains vitamins, peptides, and cherry blossoms that even out, firm, and tender up lips.

Bringing it all together

If your lips are dark from birth, these creams will not lighten your lips permanently. But, if you achieved dark or black lips due to smoking or anything else, these creams will surely brighten up your lips. In addition, you can use some home remedies like honey, lemon juice, beetroot juice, almond oil, rose petals, etc. to make your lips naturally tauter, sexier, smoother, and healthier. Natural remedies are side-effect-free. And surely, you have to stop smoking to get permanent pink lips. Remove lipstick before bed, use sunscreen, and keep a lip balm always with you.

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