10 Best Face Washes and Cleansers for Men

Updated: April 13, 2021
Reviewed by Dr. Zeenat
best face wash and cleanser for men

The skin of your face is more delicate, more exposed prone, and thinner than other parts of the body while people also look first at your face, speak with you staring at your face. And they become impressed if you have a clean smart face.

A healthy facial expression also unfastens your inner personality and beauty.

But, when you use a normal soap bar, shampoo, or body wash to cleanse your face, it stripes off the vital moisture of your skin leading to dehydrated dull skin.

And dehydrated skin can cause two things – drier or oilier skin.

Both are harmful to your overall look. Oilier skin later can cause acne, pimples, or blackheads. And dry skin will improve earlier age spots.

So, you need a complete face wash that can cut off dirt, impurities, grimes, dead skin cells, excess oils, or pollutants and give you clean, smooth, and healthy-looking skin.

Here we listed the 10 best face washes and cleansers for men according to their skin types like dry, normal, oily, combination, sensitive, or acne-prone. Just keep reading and find out your favorite one as your skin needs.

I personally use all Dove products as their products are more soothing and hydrating and my skin is dry-prone, that’s why; their products also suit me most. If you have dry-prone skin, you can try Dove Milk Moisturizing Soap (not like other bars).

Wishing you happy reading!

1. NIVEA Men Maximum Hydration Moisturizing Face WashNIVEA Men Maximum Hydration Moisturizing Face Wash

Skin Type: Dry, tight, chapped

Nivea men’s face wash prevents tight, dry skin. It deeply cleanses the skin by removing excess oils and dirt. This cleanser also moisturizes the skin after cleaning off all impurities. Its provitamin B5 and aloe vera give thoroughly healthy and clean-looking skin.

Main Ingredients: Aloe vera, vitamin E, proviamin B5


  • Defends skin from dryness
  • Effective gel cleanser
  • Lightly scented
  • Daily usable
  • Protects earlier aging signs


  • Cheap, knock off product
  • May notice parabens
  • May not for sensitive skin

2. LUMIN Charcoal Cleanser for MenLUMIN Charcoal Cleanser for Men

Skin Type: Oily, combination, acne

It is a foaming cleanser to unclog pores and cleanse oil, pollutions, and dirt. You will get a fresh soft face. A Korean grooming product for modern men. Suitable for oilier, rougher-textured, thicker, and more acidic skin.

Main Ingredients: Rosemary, charcoal


  • Charcoal suctions out dirt from pores
  • Prevent breakouts, pimples
  • No premature aging
  • Effectively removes impurities
  • Rosemary is antiseptic & anti-inflammatory to calm down the skin


  • May leave skin pale & dry
  • May irritate acne or pimples

3. Dove Men+Care Face Wash Hydrate PlusDove Men+Care Face Wash Hydrate Plus

Skin Type: Dry, sensitive, tight

It is advanced protection for the dry skin of men. It effectively cuts off all debris from men’s thicker skin. Its hydrating formula replenishes moisture and makes it perfect for dry skin. You will feel smooth skin with its mild cleansing formula.

Main Ingredients: Made in USA, dermatologist-tested


  • Hydrate+ pro-moisture
  • Long-lasting hydrated skin
  • Perfect for mature dry skin
  • Good for winter
  • Gives smooth soft skin instantly


  • Tough to rinse off
  • May cause rash around the mouth
  • May trigger uncomfortable skin (rare case)

4. Anthony Glycolic Facial CleanserAnthony Glycolic Facial Cleanser

Skin Type: Oily to normal

It is ideal for normal to oily skin. It contains glycolic acid, aloe vera, vitamins A, C, and E. This face wash for men exfoliates dull skin cells and removes excess oils and dirt. Helps maintain the right moisture. Suitable for daily face washing.

Main Ingredients: Chamomile, calendula, vitamin A, C & E, aloe vera, glycolic acid


  • For acne-prone, oily skin
  • Creamy, non-foaming
  • Sulfate-free cleanser
  • With 4.2% glycolic acid
  • Gently removes pollution & impurities
  • Prevents clogged pores, ingrown hairs, & razor bumps


  • Cheap & not effective
  • Tough to get it out when low
  • May feel aggressive when used daily

5. RUGGED & DAPPER Daily Power Scrub Facial CleanserRUGGED & DAPPER Daily Power Scrub Facial Cleanser

Skin Type: All complexions

It is an exfoliating cleanser for men. It is infused with non-toxic and organic ingredients. It deeply attacks dirt, grimes, and excess oil to eliminate them out from pores preventing you from breakouts and acne. It does not stripe out the natural moisture of the skin.

Main Ingredients: Aloe vera, vitamin C, willow bark, burdock root, jojoba beads, salicylic acid, borage oil


  • For sensitive, oily, dry, combination, acne, aging, & teenage
  • Plant-based natural exfoliants
  • Gets rid of dead skin cells
  • Preps a clean shave
  • With potent vitamins & minerals
  • Regenerates the skin


  • Price may deter you
  • All-in-one product

6. Tiege Hanley Daily Face Wash for MenTiege Hanley Daily Face Wash for Men

Skin Type: Sensitive, dry

It gently cleans out grime, dirt, and excess oil with a feel of cleansed and refreshed skin. Use it for dry, sensitive, oily, combination, or normal skin. A large bottle of legendary cleanser for men. Keep it one for shower in your bathroom, counter, or locker room.

Main Ingredients: Eucalyptus, cucumber extract, salix alba bark extract, lavandula oil, eucalyptus oil


  • Fragrance-free
  • Reduces redness & inflammation
  • Won’t dry out the skin
  • Premium ingredients


May not good for oily, acne, or combination skin (though touted)

7. Clinique for Men Oil Control Face WashClinique for Men Oil Control Face Wash

Skin Type: Combination, acne, oily

It is a specialized cleanser for men’s greasy skin with a gentle cleansing formula, also excellent for normal skin owners. It leaves skin feeling never tight, oily, or dry, just get a comfortable fresh matte look. My TEENAGE brother likes it!

Main Ingredients: Aloe vera, tea extract


  • Dermatologist-developed
  • Allergy tested & fragrance-free
  • Preps for a comfortable shave
  • Prevents breakouts, blemishes, spots
  • Heals terrible cystic acne
  • Removes overproduction of oils
  • Provides clean skin without chapping out
  • Get results in just a few weeks


  • Some users complained about oily skin
  • May irritate the skin

8. L’OREAL PARIS Men Expert Hydra Energetic Facial CleanserL'OREAL PARIS Men Expert Hydra Energetic Facial Cleanser

Skin Type: Oily, dry, sensitive to normal

It is blended with charcoal for men’s daily face washing. An ideal item for men to be face wash, beard, and skincare. It clears up grimes, pores, impurities, and excess oil. This facial cleanser captures dirt and unclogs pores leaving the skin feeling a healthy look.

Main Ingredients: Peppermint leaf extract, charcoal, salicylic acid


  • Acts as a magnet to draw out grimes
  • Also moisturizes your skin
  • Helps fight aging lines
  • Cares for beard line for smooth shaving
  • Works against post-shave irritation


  • Inconvenience to use
  • The smell may trigger you
  • Inconsistent product

9. Bioré Men’s Charcoal Face WashBioré Men's Charcoal Face Wash

Skin Type: Shiny, blemish, combination

It gives you deep clean refreshed skin and pores. It is formulated with natural activated charcoal. This is an innovative, dermatologist-tested, oil-free, black daily facial foam cleanser white to purify pores, rinse clean, and then leave skin feeling tingly smooth.

Main Ingredients: Natural activated charcoal


  • Trap deep-down impurities
  • 2x cleaner skin
  • Developed with skin purifying technology
  • 2x clean pores just after one use
  • Doesn’t over-dry skin
  • Vegan, no cruelty or paraben
  • Daily usable
  • Ideal for oils, acne, shiny, or combination skin


  • May not clean pores as said
  • Just takes off dirt
  • Won’t remove blackheads

10. Neutrogena Men’s Invigorating Face WashNeutrogena Men’s Invigorating Face Wash

Skin Type: Mature, aging, dry

It is a daily usable foaming gel cleanser to energize and refresh the skin. Oil-free cleansing ability to help smooth out the skin. Clinically proven and dermatologists-tested. It cleans deep down to pores without dry skin.

Main Ingredients: Menthol, citric acid


  • Improves overall facial skin
  • Awakens real skin
  • Cooling menthol lather soothes you
  • Safe for daily use
  • Removes excess oil & dirt
  • Refreshes without over-drying
  • Non-comedogenic


  • Average result
  • Not recommended for sensitive skin
  • May burn out you


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