10 Best Lip Exfoliator Brushes for Plumper and Smoother Lips

Updated: July 2, 2020
best lip exfoliating brush for fuller, smoother and plumper lips
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Only a lip balm is not enough to keep the lips beautiful. You apply lip balm again and again yet some dull cells grow, for that you need to apply a gentle lip scrub to exfoliate those flakes for a perfect smoothing pout. We generally rub the lip scrub with our fingers but it can’t even out the rough lip tones. It needs something more effective that can reach every crease or bump of the lips. That’s why; today I will show you 10 best lip exfoliating brushes that will remove all dead skin cells on the lips leaving them evener, fuller, and smoother.

These exfoliating lip brushes are made with silicone bristles that are very gentle, safe, and skin-friendly for the finer skin of the lips. These brushes will gently slough off all flakes making the lips pinker, bigger, and younger.

Why one should use a lip exfoliating brush

You can bring a lip exfoliating brush, tool or kit anywhere you want to prep your lips for a smooth canvas for your favorite lipstick or lip gloss. Lip exfoliation also makes the lipstick color longer lasting.

When you regularly use a lip exfoliating brush, it will help lighten your lips by removing dark spots, tan, pigments, nicotine marks, sun spots, and other discolorations on the lips. Scrubbing increases blood circulation that makes healthy and rosy lips. A quality lip exfoliating brush can also make your lips plumper without injections.

You need also a good quality lip balm after exfoliating your lips to keep them hydrated. Keep reading on – hope, this list of the best lip exfoliating brushes will help you to get perfectly shaped pucker.

The best lip exfoliating brushes, scrubs, tools and kits for a fuller, bigger, and softer pout

1. Real Techniques Lip Exfoliating BrushReal Techniques Lip Exfoliating Brush

It is a set of some beauty brushes including a unique lip exfoliating brush. To get kissable, soft and smooth lips, exfoliate your lips with this scrub in the circular motions. It is a great exfoliating tool for chapped lips as it removes all dead skin cells on the lips leaving them healthy and supple. With regular use of Real Techniques Lip Exfoliating Brush, you can also get rid of dark spots, suntan, nicotine marks, and hyperpigmentation on the lips.

2. RuBeauty Double-Sided Silicone Exfoliating Lip Brush ToolRuBeauty Double-Sided Silicone Exfoliating Lip Brush and Tool

It is much effective to prep your lips for makeup. It is enough soft, non-irritating, suitable for all skin types, and won’t hurt the subtle skin of the lips. You can easily clean it too with a little water without fingers. Gently exfoliate your dark or dry lips with a small amount of scrub, honey or olive oil before applying your favorite lipsticks. Perfect size and design, usable for home and salon, travel, and party for quick lip makeup.

3. BlushLips A Double-Sided Silicone Exfoliating Soft Lip BrushBlushLips A Double-Sided Silicone Exfoliating Soft Lip Brush

It is a soft, gentle, and safe exfoliator lip brush for healthy and beautiful pout anywhere you want a quick lip color. It comes with applicator wand tool for easy exfoliation to maintain fuller lips. Being much gentle, you can use it daily for softer lips. It increases blood circulation, so lips will look rosier. BlushLips Silicone Exfoliating Lip Brush helps lighten dark lips by eliminating dark spots, sunburn, hyperpigmentation, and melanin.

4. Mirabelly Double-Sided Soft Silicone Exfoliating Lip BrushMirabelly Double-Sided Soft Silicone Exfoliating Lip Brush

It comes with 12 different colored lip exfoliating brushes with heads that give you smooth and healthy lips. The heads are made with soft silicone and ABS to gently circulate and exfoliate the lips. Daily usable, travel size, use at home or professional purposes, easily cleanable and reusable. Equally effective for dry, cracked, and dark lips in winter or throughout the year to prep your lips.

5. dk&t Vegan Friendly Lip Exfoliator Brushdk&t Vegan Friendly Lip Exfoliator Brush

This exfoliating tool helps you remove dead skin cells on your lips leaving them smoother and evener. dk&t Lip Exfoliator Brush is a 3-in-1 beauty tool to turn flaky, chapped and dry lips sexier instantly. Organic activated charcoal bristles are dye-free, petroleum-free, cruelty-free, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial. Its 3 brush heads target all rough and bumpy corners of the lips for complete exfoliation.

6. NURSE JAMIE NuLips RX Moisturizing Lip Balm & Exfoliating Lip BrushNURSE JAMIE NuLips RX Moisturizing Lip Balm & Exfoliating Lip Brush

It is an ideal lip exfoliator brush for aged skin, lip lines, dehydrated lips, chapped lips, thin lips, and dark or black lips. Its anti-bacterial silicone brush gently exfoliates dull skin cells, tan, dirt, and darkness on the lips. NURSE JAMIE NuLips RX Exfoliating Lip Brush will help plump, moisturize, protect and repair your lips. The petroleum-free lip balm with this package contains hyaluronic acid that hydrates the lips greatly. It is a great combo for them having thinner lips but want fuller lips without injections or fillers.

7. bliss Fabulips Pout-O-Matic Lip-Perfecting Systembliss Fabulips Pout-O-Matic Lip-Perfecting System & Tool Set

This tool set comes with a lip exfoliating brush and an organic sugar lip scrub. bliss Fabulips Pout-O-Matic Lip-Perfecting System includes a pro lip preparing head device with massaging numbs for gentle circulation, stimulating and exfoliating your lips. Its massaging head safely exfoliates lips, and smooths, rejuvenates and revitalizes them for flawless lip makeup. The scrub contains all essential things for healthy bigger lips.

How to use a lip exfoliator brush?

Apply some lip scrub. Massage it onto the lips gently with the brush in the circular motion for 1-2 minutes. Cleanse off with warm water, pat the lips dry, and apply some lip balm or oil (shea butter, coconut oil, or olive oil) for a fuller, plumper, and bigger appearance. Don’t forget also to read the product label to know what they are saying because different products guide differently. I personally scrub away my lips at night to get flake-free smooth lips for the following day for non-stop lipstick.


Hello pretty ladies, the lip exfoliating brushes are for occasional use when you want special-looking pout. Though the brands say, the products are safe to use daily but it is better to not use a lip exfoliator more than twice a week. You can either make your scrub at home with some organic honey and brown sugar. It works better for fuller and smoother lips. Avoid smoking and sun rays. Both make the lips dark, wrinkled, and chapped. Apply SPF lip balm before going in the sun exposure. Try to avoid cheap lip care products. I personally use organic products for the whole of my beauty. You can also use rose petals, beetroot juice or other natural ingredients to get soft reddish lips. Thank you everybody to read this article.


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