10 Best Witch Hazel Face Washes for Acne-Free Toned Skin

Updated: October 13, 2020
best witch hazel face wash, cleanser and toner
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Once astringent in cosmetics were considered to be harsh as most of the time alcohol was mixed with the astringent products. But, now you will get lots of astringent-based products without alcohol or harsh ingredients. Like – natural plant-based witch hazel that is hugely used in cream, lotion, toner, serum, or cleanser. Today, I will show you 10 best witch hazel face washes, cleansers, and toners that you can use to cleanse, tone, tighten, and hydrate your skin.

Naturally or organically sourced witch hazel is basically a nice astringent that is not harsh to the skin. It is extracted and distilled from the dried leaves, twigs, or barks of the witch hazel tree. Sometimes, the liquid witch hazel is mixed with rose water, aloe vera, or purified water to give it more soothing for the skin.

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Witch hazel face wash or product is 3-in-1 as it works as a cleanser, a toner, and a hydrator. And witch hazel cleanser normally suits better for oily, acne, or blemish-prone skin. Besides, being an astringent and anti-inflammatory ingredient it works also for itchiness, puffy eyes, swelling, stings, bug bites, psoriasis, eczema, eye bags, minor burns, sunburn, razor burn, etc. Men’s aftershave lotions or balms are often infused with witch hazel to calm down the skin immediately after shaving. I hope, this list of the best witch hazel face washes, cleansers, toners, and products will help you to get lucid, healthy, glowing, and firm skin.

The best witch hazel face wash and cleanser to get toned, hydrated, and clean skin

1. Vivo Per Lei Dead Sea Minerals Foaming Facial CleanserVivo Per Lei Dead Sea Minerals Foaming Facial Cleanser with witch hazel

This witch hazel face wash contains Dead Sea minerals that is much effective for acne, psoriasis, eczema, excess oils, blackheads, larger pores, boils, and blemishes. The best part is, Vivo Per Lei Foaming Cleanser can be used by teenagers to adults for oily skin to drier skin as well as sensitive skin. Not only for getting regular clean skin, but it also helps remove makeup, exfoliate dead skin cells, level pores & ingrown hairs, and tones up the texture.

2. AVYA Gentle Cleanser with Witch HazelAVYA Gentle Cleanser with Witch Hazel

It is formulated with neem, peony, turmeric, witch hazel, salicylic acid, and many other powerful ingredients. This non-foaming face wash can be used either in the morning or night to gently unclog pores and remove impurities, dirt, and pollutants deep down to the pores. Salicylic acid is effective for acne where witch hazel is an inflammatory agent that kills bacteria. AVYA Gentle Face Wash is designed to be gentle to remove makeup as well as debris from the skin without drying out the skin.

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3. Clean & Clear Morning Burst Shine Control Facial CleanserClean & Clear Morning Burst Shine Control Facial Cleanser with witch hazel

This witch hazel cleansing product is oil-free with unique beads that will help you wake up with radiant skin. It contains lemongrass, fruit extracts, and witch hazel to refresh and purify your skin by cleaning dirt, oils, and impurities. Clean & Clear Morning Burst Shine Control Face Wash works great to get rid of all extra sebum and impurities while controlling excess shines all day long. It refreshes and mattifies oily skin, tired skin, and prevents acne formation.

4. Deluvia Exfoliating Cleanser with Witch Hazel Deluvia Exfoliating Cleanser with Witch Hazel

It is rich in exfoliating Dead Sea salt, organic aloe vera, witch hazel, rose water, vitamin C, green tea extract, and many other potent ingredients which help get rid of all dirt, impurities, makeup residues, dull skin cells, dark spots, suntan, and pollutants. By using Deluvia Exfoliating Face Wash, you can reduce blemishes, blackheads, whiteheads, swelling, acne scars, and inflammation. Men, women, and adults with any skin type can use it. This witch hazel face wash also fights bacteria, tightens skin, and repairs broken capillaries.

5. Derma-nu Witch Hazel Face and Body Wash for MenDerma-nu Face and Body Wash for Men with witch hazel

An All-in-one cleanser for men to wash their face and body. It is enriched with witch hazel, aloe vera, and tea tree oil. Derma-nu Men’s Face Wash is very strong for blemish-prone skin. Aloe vera soothes, heals, and nourishes the skin after washing. Tea tree oil is effective to protect the skin against environmental damages, acne formation, age spots, and radiations. Witch hazel in it reduces minor burns, cuts, razor bumps, and itchiness while toning and cleansing the stubborn residues left after washing the face.

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6. Boots Tea Tree Witch Hazel Charcoal Daily Detox Facial WashBoots Tea Tree Witch Hazel Charcoal Daily Detox Facial Wash

This cleanser is very helpful for acne-prone, oily skin. Boots Daily Detox Facial Wash contains the ingredients that are full of antibacterial properties. Charcoal is a natural detoxifier that absorbs all dirt, debris, dead skin cells, acne-causing bacteria, makeup residues, and pollutants from the pores. Tea tree oil heals and protects the skin from various conditions like pimples, breakouts, blemishes, etc. and hydrates the skin also. And witch hazel calms, tones, firms, and cleanses the skin.

7. Bee Naturals Foaming Face Wash Bee Naturals Foaming Face Wash with witch hazel

It is specially formulated to remove excess oils and treat acne-prone skin. It contains all-natural ingredients like vegetable glycerine, witch hazel, tea tree, rose water, honey, and so on. It is a self-foaming cleanser, no need for a lot of soap to clean up your face or body. Bee Naturals Foaming Face Wash cleanses, tones, and hydrates the skin after every wash without harshness. Honey and rose water seal the surface in moisture while tea tree and witch hazel strip away burdened oils and debris.

8. Murad Pore Rescue Daily Cleansing FoamMurad Pore Rescue Daily Cleansing Foam with witch hazel

This is a dual-action foam cleanser and exfoliator with AHAs to leave the skin clearer, softer, and smoother by removing dirt, oil, pore-clogging impurities, and so on. Cooper gluconate and witch hazel dissolve excess sebum without stripping out the natural moisture of the skin. It helps stimulate healthy cooperation for smooth and energized skin. Murad Pore Rescue Daily Cleansing Foam is also suitable for dry and sensitive skin to cleanse, calm and hydrate it.

9. dr. organic Tea Tree Witch Hazel Face Wash dr. organic Tea Tree Witch Hazel Face Wash

It is good for all skin types like oily, combination, or blemish-prone without any harsh ingredients. dr. organic Face Wash is rich in pure tea tree oil, red mandarin oil, lemon peel oil, and witch hazel extract. These ingredients help cleanse impurities, reduce excess oil production, maintain skin’s natural pH, and leave the skin feeling tingly, clean, glowing, and refreshed. Tea tree essential oil ensures perfect healthy skin.

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10. Made from Earth Maintain Wash Made from Earth Maintain Wash with witch hazel

It is made in the USA with powerful organic witch hazel. It will protect the skin from chapping and damaging out after removing dirt, oil, and unclogging pores. Made from Earth Maintain Wash is excellent for blackheads, dark spots, excess oils, acne scars, and purifying the skin. It also soothes, nourishes, and tones the skin with witch hazel, aloe extract, and coconut oil after cleansing. This witch hazel cleanser is 100% free from harmful chemicals.


Witch hazel face wash, cleanser, toner, and products will basically cleanse the skin while toning, firming, and hydrating it. As witch hazel is an astringent, you may feel a slight tingle to the skin. Witch hazel cleanser is more effective for oily skin, acne, blackheads, clogged pores, and whiteheads but it can be also used for combination, dry, or sensitive skin. Your skin may be slightly tight after using witch hazel products, if so then apply a moisturizer. You may also experience itchiness or an allergic reaction if you use witch hazel cleanser on irritated or inflamed skin. Take a patch test if you are the first time user of a witch hazel product.


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